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    No reservations for the days I want, should I cancel?

    The only reason I’m going on this trip is for the first day of the 50th. I also planned to kill two birds in one stone and go to Epcot the next day to ride Remy. There’s currently no reservations available for either parks on those days. Back in July, a family member gave me their ticket to use...
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    Solo Travelers how much do you spend?

    I’m planning a WDW trip for the 50th. I was going to buy an AP but the price is just to high right now. I plan on getting a 3 day park hopper ticket. Without my emergency money and souvenir money, my budget is at around $1500 and $2000 all together I think that’s a little to much. I budgeted...
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    So people didn’t know how the 25th castle looked until they got there?

    So there have been a few viral tweets on the 25th anniversary castle. The one that I remember was the difference between the management who was responsible for 25th castle vs the 50th. The poster thought it was ugly but loved the creativity. I feel the same way. CMs who worked there under the...
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    Did Disney layoff cleaning staff?

    So I went both Wednesday and Friday to MK. The bathrooms were disgusting both times. The tables were dirty. I sat down and ate for an hour both days and the tables were so dirty and there were few jerks who left their trash on the tables. There was only 1 cleaning person in each restaurant. Hand...
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    Trip Report Update Day 2 was much better

    Mods can merge with my original thread if they want. Day 2 was so much better. For some reason it was less crowded on a Friday than a Wednesday. Other than the fact that I left my neck fan, sunscreen and drinks, I had a great time and finally rode Seven Dwarfs! It was so much fun but I need to...
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    Trip Report I had such a bad time

    I’ve been waiting to get back to MK for 10 years. This was not what I expected at all. I was fine with the limited experiences and still charging full price. What I did not expect was the complete lack of health and safety for a company that I love so much and have dreamed about working there...
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    Has anyone had any luck of changing reservations?

    We are off to Orlando tomorrow. Our itinerary is all messed up because of the reservation system. We were supposed to do MK Tuesday but all we could get was Friday because half our party took forever to pay. In hindsight I should have just booked the ones who did pay and tried to add the other...
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    Any group ticket deals for 30 people?

    I finally got a response to the number of people going to the parks and there’s almost 30 people! I didn’t know it would be that many. We already booked a huge house that’s near Disney. Does Disney or travel agents offer any group deals staying off property? I know Universal does.
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    Last minute Reservations help for large group! Please help so I don’t have to go to Universal

    We are going the 2nd week of July and we really want to do MK . Literally all the MK days were available for our whole week, Thursday now they aren’t anymore. However when I logged in, I was allowed to click MK and all I needed was to add the tickets to get a reservation. I would think a large...
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    Help me Sell DHS over USF to my Family

    So my grandmother wants to celebrate Christmas in Orlando. This is her first Christmas without my grandfather who loved Christmas and she doesn’t want to be home. They had a mini Osbourne Lights for years. My cousins and I want to go to the parks but I know MK and IOA will be at capacity early...
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    Last Minute First Solo Trip Please help

    Hello everyone, I’ve been pretty down recently and my birthday is next weekend and why not spend it at the most magical place on earth ? This will be my first solo trip ever if my over protective parents even let me go. I just want to do a 2 day park hopper unless I can get a nice rep to...
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    Need Help with Planning an Asian Disney Parks and 2020 Olympics Trip

    Hi everyone. I really need help with budgeting and planning for my trip to the Olympics and all Asian Disney Parks. After finally picking a major to stick with this year, I'll need to do school year round to graduate on time. My graduation date is around the Olympics. It would be a great...
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    All Star vs Pop Century vs Art of Animation for One Night

    My friend has a last minute business trip in Toronto. It'll cost him $600 extra to fly straight from where we live to there versus driving to Orlando and taking a flight from Orlando, so he's just going to take a relaxing day in Orlando. He wants to do a lot of shopping check out Disney Springs...
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