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    News Comic-con Canceled= Little hope for Disney??

    I highly doubt Disney could open anytime soon considering comic con, a LATE summer event, has been canceled.
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    Poll: When will you visit Disneyland next?

    I personally do not see myself walking in the gates of Disney until I have been vaccinated. Breaks my heart, but we are dealing with something absolutely extraordinary.
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    When Fastpass is down.

    I am new to the Fastpass+/Magic band system. I have read that the fastpass+ system has gone down a few times. I have a few questions that might help us prepare for our trip: 1. What exactly happens when the system goes down? 2. Do you lose your fastpass for that whole day? 3. Should we print...
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    Fastpass + Help

    Hello! I have an upcoming WDW trip planned for june 12-26. Very excited but i have a few questions regarding fastpass+. I am a west coaster so paper fast passes still make me happy ;) In regards to the 60 days booking, when it says midnight, is that midnight florida so 9 PM my time? Also What...
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