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  1. AndyS2992

    WDWmagic.com Impersonation

    Get this pop up on iOS occasionally when visiting this site this week, not sure if this is some kind of virus on my end or a fault on yours or what but thought I’d report it.
  2. AndyS2992

    Guests and CMs poisoned at Hotel New York

    Oops.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/20/disneyland-paris-hotel-accidentally-poisons-staff-holidaymakers/
  3. AndyS2992

    Youtuber sneaks in to the Magic Kingdom

    I don't like giving these types of people attention however it brings some interesting questions.. So if this incident is indeed genuine, how many times a day does this happen? I said when they removed the turnstiles this was likely to happen and it seemingly has, just most people obviously...
  4. AndyS2992

    Disney pays tribute to Nature's Wonderland

    New Mickey Mouse short set in Disneyland pays tribute to Nature's Wonderland and the Rainbow Caverns. I love these shorts, they pack so many historical references (including Walt himself) and I think they're great. Can't wait for the Runaway Railway to open at Hollywood Studios. I don't get the...
  5. AndyS2992

    Extra Magic Hours are no more...

    instead as of October 1st 2017, they will be known as Extra Magic Time/Moments de Magie en Plus (EMT/MMP) and instead of Disneyland park being open for two hours from 8am to 10am as it has always been each morning, Disneyland park AND Walt Disney Studios park will now both be open one hour prior...
  6. AndyS2992

    Castle Question

    Is there a reason why the castle still has 60th anniversary 'diamonds' stuck on the turrets? It's not a good look at all. What are they trying to achieve with this? But then again it's not as bad as Disneyland Paris having their Christmas lights up for three years straight without removal...
  7. AndyS2992

    Electroland @ Walt Disney Studios July 8th 2017

    ''Disneyland Paris has announced the Electroland evening which will happen at the Walt Disney Studios on July 8, 2017, from 7:00 pm to midnight for a price of 68 €. A Premium ticket for 85 € will also go on sale, giving access to both Disney Parks from 4 pm. The evening will feature major...
  8. AndyS2992

    Orlando shootings and the parks

    I know this is a horrible subject and not suited to this forum but I'm concerned. :( The other night, singer Christina Grimmie and a couple of fans were shot at her concert in Orlando and now 49 club goers have been killed in a terrorist attack on an Orlando club. Is WDW (and the other parks)...
  9. AndyS2992

    If Wishes was replaced with this..

    How would you feel if Wishes was replaced with this show (or one with similar effects used) for the 45th/50th anniversary? I thought this was an awesome show. If they used some of the original music from the movies instead and added some kind of emotional story running throughout it I would...
  10. AndyS2992

    IASW: Wales is missing and Mexico's sun is still broken

    My last trip to the Magic Kingdom was back in September, five months ago and noticed the dolls representing Wales were missing (they are on the moon above England) this is disappointing since my mother is Welsh and it disapointed her not to see them each time we rode, we assumed they were being...
  11. AndyS2992

    T Rex and BOG Question

    I'm very new to making dining reservations but I've ran in to some problems and am hoping someone can help if they are familiar with these two restaurants. I'm going to Magic Kingdom on my birthday (September) and plan on having lunch (around 2pm) at Be Our Guest but reservations are...
  12. AndyS2992

    I think I just messed up

    Hey guys, I just connected my Disney resort reservation to My Disney Experience however there is a problem. When I connected it showed all four members of my party as it should, however I scrolled to bottom and pressed done without ticking the 'This is me' box next to my name and so now my...
  13. AndyS2992

    Maleficent themed Halloween Festival - October 2014

    http://www.dlptoday.com/2014/08/21/halloween-2014-press-release-teases-disneyland-paris-most-maleficent-festival-yet/ Disneyland Paris has just released their press release announcing what is happening at the park's annual Halloween festival this year and it appears all the focus will be on...
  14. AndyS2992

    10 'Bizarre Secret' Rules of Working at Magic Kingdom..

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2702555/Don-t-point-pick-trash-don-t-bend-never-break-character-10-secret-rules-working-Disney-s-Magic-Kingdoms.html Daily Mail strikes again bashing Disney. These rules are hardly bizarre or secret :rolleyes:
  15. AndyS2992

    Free Breakfast. How does this work?

    We just booked our two week vacation for September 2015 and as part of the package, we get free breakfast at Pop Century for the duration of our stay, which is new to me. Anyone know how this works? For example, if I got the Breakfast bounty platter at $9 and someone else got the oatmeal at $2...
  16. AndyS2992

    Disney Store Merchandise in the Parks? Lazy

    Is this something new or has Disney always done this? Disney is selling these dolls in the parks at WDW and Disneyland with the Disney Store logo on them. Seems VERY cheap of Disney. We've gone from WDW branded to Disney Parks and now Disney Store. Ugh, but kind of makes sense from a...
  17. AndyS2992

    Failed Employee Suicide at Disneyland Paris

    A little grim, but an interesting insight to the possible working conditions of the resort. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2513088/Suicidal-Disneyland-Paris-worker-poured-petrol-himself.html...
  18. AndyS2992

    Impending Pirates lap bars?

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2480448/Boy-5-fighting-life-accident-ride-Disneyland-Paris.html I doubt it but you never know these days with health and safety gone mad. Would lap bars ruin the Pirates experience for you? When Splash got fitted with bars I recall there being some...
  19. AndyS2992

    Cheap WDW for UK visitiors.

    Visitors* Ok guys, I have been to WDW several times and every time it has cost about £6000 ($10,000) each time. Due to recent financial constraints another trip seems unlikely unless we can get a good deal. So I'm hoping you guys can help, particularly from other UK/European members. Details...
  20. AndyS2992

    Jessica Rabbit Appears

    A Jessica Rabbit character is now appearing at Disneyland Paris Walt Disney Studios park, but is not a face character as you would expect. Would you like to see this at WDW or a face version, or not at all? Roger and Eddie are also there.
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