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  1. fngoofy

    MMRR- Sup with Goofy

    So this has been driving me nuts. The window Goofy appears in has an arched top, but the projection is straight across. Really blows the illusion for me... unless I am missing something. Your thoughts?
  2. fngoofy

    FP Availability Time

    So I know it is 60 days out with a reservation. Question: So once we are at 60 days our, at 12:01 a.m. will I be able to get them?
  3. fngoofy

    AKL Pool Refurb

    Good day, Anyone have any pics of the refurbishment of the AKL pool that started a couple of weeks ago?
  4. fngoofy

    MVMCP ???

    So I'm looking at MVMCP and here are the attractions they have listed as open: Frontierland Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Splash Mountain Fantasyland Dumbo the Flying Elephant Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Tomorrowland Space Mountain What the hammer is this? Only 5 attractions? No HM, PotC...
  5. fngoofy

    What's the Exact Time of Day a Special becomes Available?

    Hello, Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. So, We are seasoned WDW vacationers. We usually take advantage of the free dining special each year, but this year is a little different, we aren't as flexible in our travel window. Via www.mousesavers.com I know when the special...
  6. fngoofy

    XMAS Help Please

    Hi everyone, I need some help. I’m looking for the Xmas lights they use in Toy Story Midway Mania in the TinkerToys at the load area. They look like regular Xmas lights, just larger. Thanks for any help you can give.
  7. fngoofy

    Frozen Embracing Norway

    We just saw the new Frozen featurette prior to seeing a preview of Coco. At one point when the townsfolk are singing about their Christmas traditions, one of them says (and I'm paraphrasing) that they bake cookies in the difficult shape of Norway, and then show a huge cookie in the shape of...
  8. fngoofy

    Disney Visa & Early Promotions

    Hello, We are well experienced WDW travelers, but while we have taken advantage of promotions, we have never done the early access to promotions that are afforded to Disney Visa holders. Looking at the historical discounts listed on mouse savers, I am thinking of taking advantage of the early...
  9. fngoofy

    LED lights used on Spaceship Earth

    Can anyone tell me the brand of outdoor LED lights used to light up Spaceship Earth? Or, for that matter any other outdoor LED lighting used at WDW. Thanks.
  10. fngoofy

    Attraction songs, a thing of the past?

    Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow - Carousel of Progress Tiki Room - Tiki Room (Under New Management) A Pirates Life for Me - Pirates of the Caribbean Grim Grinning Ghosts - Haunted Mansion Its a Small World - Its a Small World How Do You Do? - Splash Mountain All great rides with great songs...
  11. fngoofy

    What's this an image of?

    I noticed this when reading about the rock work at the STOL port. There was a link to the area on GoogleMaps and while looking at it I noticed this. I've used GM to look that the parks many times, but have never noticed this. If it isn't a messed up image, it looks like foundations from...
  12. fngoofy

    Post Your Martin Wish List

    Let me start by saying that Martin, I am a huge fan of your video productions. I have my computer hooked up to our tv and it is awesome watching them on the "big screen." I would love to know what you have in the works, and for what it is worth, here is my short wish list. 1. Resort...
  13. fngoofy

    Vastly Expanded Fantasyland??

    Just a thought on the much needed fantasyland work. I was looking at the concept art and the new photos of construction, and I don't really think "expansion" is the right term for the project. The Little Mermaid is replacing 20,000 Leagues. Dumbo is moving We get a couple of new...
  14. fngoofy

    A Song is Worth a Thousand Words

    By all accounts, Davy Crocket (Wonderful World of Disney) taught the company the value of a good song. It was catchy, promoted the series, and told the viewer what the show was about, as well as telling a new viewer what had already happened. This formula was repeated with Scarecrow of Romney...
  15. fngoofy

    Poly/Wishes Audio

    I know you can hear the music out on the Poly dock, but do they have it playing on a TV station?
  16. fngoofy

    Updated Poly In-Room Menu?

    Hi there, Looking for an updated Poly in-room menu, All ears has one from 2006 and I did not see one here. Thanks for any help.
  17. fngoofy

    May Hours?

    So the WDW calendar has a drop down menu that goes out until July...but the last month with hours is April...:brick: Anyone know when we can expect them to grace us with May's hours?
  18. fngoofy

    Space Mountain Refurb

    I searched on this and was unable to get the most recent news. Is SM still going down for most of 09 for refurb? We are thinking of going in May and I was curious if SM would be up or not. I have looked on the MK calendar and have not seen it listed as being down in January or any other...
  19. fngoofy

    3 Day Old Ghost Stories

    So I am over on my other favorite web site, FARK and I am reading ghost story posts from the past few years. I come across these, posted last year from a WDW employee (see below). I am posting them because I was curious whether anyone else had any to share, other than the 999 happy haunts...
  20. fngoofy

    Flash Photography

    I'm sure its been said, but Flash Photography in dark rides has gotten completely out of hand since digital cameras have become common. It used to be that the cost of film kept people from going nuts with it. But now that every 10 yr old has a digital camera with unlimited pics it is like a...
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