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  1. GatorGuy

    Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure - Virtual Line?

    Hi, We are visiting IOA in January and want to ride Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and know that it uses the Virtual Line system, however I am curious if the capacity/queue system is as limited as that of Rise of The Resistance at DHS (where boarding passes are filled within 10...
  2. GatorGuy

    Jungle Book Show Dining Package?

    Hello everyone! I have a quick question and where better to ask than on here. I had booked a dining reservation at Tusker House months ago for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, will I automatically be entitled to the reserved seating for The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic show, or must the...
  3. GatorGuy

    Online day ticket, Fastpass+

    Hello all, My family and I will be having a quick reunion at the MK and we are staying offsite. We will be purchasing 1 day tickets online off the WDW website, but was wondering how we would be able to choose our FP+ selections when the 30 day window opens. Will Disney give us a code for each...
  4. GatorGuy

    Dumbo Expected to Remain Open

    In this article posted by Orlando Sentinel more details about the opening of the Dumbos are given. It is said that the current Dumbo will not close down until the second is in place, up and running, then we will see the closure and relocation of the current Dumbo spinner...
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