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  1. GhostHost1000

    Any princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table yet?

    Has anyone been recently and are there any princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table yet?
  2. GhostHost1000

    Why doesn’t Animal Kingdom consider a nighttime drone show?

    I keep seeing photos of the drone show at Dollywood this summer and keep thinking how something like this could work at AK since they can’t/won’t do fireworks. They could redo some kind of light and water effects show with drones as well. I just hope whatever they come up with one day has a...
  3. GhostHost1000

    Ticket price increase / FP+ changes coming?

    https://m.orlandoweekly.com/Blogs/archives/2020/02/07/expect-ticket-price-increases-at-disney-world-along-with-a-possible-overhaul-of-fastpass References our buddy Martin @marni1971 and this site as well
  4. GhostHost1000

    “Industrial Accident” near France Pavilion in Epcot

    “Industrial Accident” backstage behind the guest areas near France Pavilion in Epcot https://www.wesh.com/article/industrial-accident-reported-near-epcot/26803845
  5. GhostHost1000

    Rivers of Light FP - available mid-day/day of?

    Do Rivers of Light fastpasses go fast early or are they still available say mid-day the day of the show you want to attend? thanks
  6. GhostHost1000

    WDW is canceling Jan. 31st reservations at CRT to hold event for more $

    According to various sources... Disney is canceling guest reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table on January 31st so they can host a premium event there for $499pp Guests get online and call 180 days in advance on the dot to be able to get in this place all to be thrown aside just so they can...
  7. GhostHost1000

    Iger's compensation dropped slightly to $43.9 million in 2016

    Disney CEO Robert Iger's compensation dropped slightly to $43.9 million in 2016 http://www.latimes.com/business/hollywood/la-fi-ct-robert-iger-compensation-20170113-story,amp.html
  8. GhostHost1000

    Crowds the week before Christmas this year

    So I'm debating on going back the week before Christmas this year and taking my daughter because she is out of school that entire week... however looking at the calendar, I bet a lot of schools will be...and Christmas falls on that Sunday (the end of the week).... so based on your all's...
  9. GhostHost1000

    App crashing when trying to modify a FP? Anyone else seeing this?

    since the last update if I go in and try to modify a fastpass my app crashes. I've completely removed and reinstalled and the same things happens. Anyone else seeing this?
  10. GhostHost1000

    Dining plan price increase

    FYI - I am hearing reports of the various dining plans increased around 3% with no changes other than the price increase
  11. GhostHost1000

    Rumor - Possible ticket price increases coming this Sunday (2/28)

    Rumor right now... I am hearing ticket price increases may be coming as soon as this Sunday 2/28 This change may introduce the difference in ticket pricing depending on the day or time of year (ex. Christmas/new years eve, weekends, food and wine, etc.) guess we'll see
  12. GhostHost1000

    House Homeland chair warns of terror attacks at Disney, Oscars, Mall of America

    Hate to share something like this... but... http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/house-homeland-chair-warns-of-terror-attacks-at-disney-oscars-mall-of-america/article/2580219
  13. GhostHost1000

    Resort alarm clocks being replaced by USB/Power hubs?

    It appears resort alarm clocks are in the process of being replaced by USB/Power hubs. Not sure if this is around all the resorts or just DVC resort however - can anyone confirm
  14. GhostHost1000

    Monorail Yellow Evacuation - Bus entrance to MK closed...detouring now (somewhere)

    on a bus to the MK and we are detouring..not sure where yet we just passed the grand Floridian entrance now and going behind on a road I've never been on. Road going towards contemporary and under water bridge is blocked off with security. Any ideas what is going on?
  15. GhostHost1000

    Booking FP+ for family staying in a different room/reservation #

    I have my whole travel party linked in MyDisneyExperience but this is this first time I've been in this situation. 2 of my party members will be staying in a different room which is of course a different reservation number than mine... and 1 staying in my room with me has general tickets...
  16. GhostHost1000

    Disney could lose $140mil on Tomorrowland movie

    http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/disney-could-lose-140-million-801244 ouch!
  17. GhostHost1000

    ASM standard room note available just first 2 nights but is a full 10 nights???

    Well this is something odd I haven't seen before....ASM standard room isn't available the first 2 nights if I were to book that separate... however if I book a full 10 days (which includes those 2 days) the standard room is available the whole time. How does this work.. or is it Disney's...
  18. GhostHost1000

    Can't get Be Our Guest at 180 day 6am mark - what am I missing?

    For the second day in a row I am unable to get Be Our Guest reservations online at 6am at the 180 day mark. What am I missing here?
  19. GhostHost1000

    Comcast Xfinity to be new NASCAR sponsor after Sprint leaves - what does this mean if anything for U

    So rumor is Comcast Xfinity will be new NASCAR sponsor after Sprint leaves - what does this mean if anything for Universal assuming they will have to pay a large amount to be the title sponsor for that
  20. GhostHost1000

    Memory Maker advance purchase price going up to $169

    FYI - Memory Maker price is going up starting today. What was $149 for advanced purchase will now be $169 :(
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