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  1. maroonmol

    The good, the bad, the ugly?

    The good: The fireworks The bad: The crowds after the fireworks The ugly: My crying during the fireworks
  2. maroonmol

    DLR Picture of the Day

  3. maroonmol

    2017 D23 videos

    I saw this coming, and yet I STILL clicked on this excitedly. Why.
  4. maroonmol

    News D23 Expo 2017

    Hm, only 90 pages, I'm disappointed, was expecting a lot more from you all. Are you even Real Disney Fans? ;)
  5. maroonmol

    News D23 Expo 2017

    Looking forward to waking up tomorrow (UK Timezone) and seeing this thread jump from 44 pages to 121 pages ;)
  6. maroonmol

    News D23 Expo 2017

    I don't normally follow these convention announcements, but I am so excited for everything at D23! I can't wait to find out how accurate everything rumoured is. I have such high expectations after Pandora for these announcements, I just hope they live up to the hype.
  7. maroonmol

    Lost at Disney

    Lost my mobile phone on my birthday at Disney once. Thankfully we found it, but for that half hour it was terrifying.
  8. maroonmol

    News D23 Expo 2017

    Never been, flying all the way from London - can't wait! And trying for those tickets was a NIGHTMARE....
  9. maroonmol

    News D23 Expo 2017

    Not going to D23, but I'll also be there at Comic-Con! :-)
  10. maroonmol

    Favorite place to meet characters

    Every trip we have to go to Crystal Palace at least once.
  11. maroonmol

    Who have you seen in the parks before?

    I feel so bad for laughing.
  12. maroonmol

    News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

    I just finished watching the show, and immediately within the first 3 minutes I was welling up. It's hard for a show to do that, a great show has to have an emotional impact on the audience, and this one certainly did for me. Disney had such big pressure weighing on this after Wishes, but they...
  13. maroonmol

    News Caribbean Beach Expansion

    I know I'm getting really off-topic but.. when the truck door shuts, it will only say 'FROZE live at Hollywood Studios.' That's some bad advertisement placement, with the N being missing. ;);)
  14. maroonmol

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    I don't follow them on twitter so I wouldn't know, but in their videos they seem nice enough. I'd hope she wouldn't attack me for just sharing with likeminded pandora enthusiasts.
  15. maroonmol

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    sorry, didn't notice that thread. could a mod possibly move this there, or do I need to repost?
  16. maroonmol

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    not sure if this is the right place to post, or if they have been posted already. (mods, feel free to move otherwise) but took a couple of screenshots from jenn tracker's snapchat of pandora. (username is wearsmoonshoes if you want to view the videos for yourself)
  17. maroonmol

    Scariest Ride at WDW

    It's Tough to be a Bug.
  18. maroonmol

    Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout announced for Disney California Adventure

    First time on this side of the forums, haven't read through all 207 pages so forgive me if this has been answered already. Any idea when this will be opening? I'm going to DCA for the first time and would like to experience this to compare with TOT. Thanks!
  19. maroonmol

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Has there been any talk of renaming DCA? Maybe this is a reason for the lack of cohesive 'California' theme?
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