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  1. SirWillow

    thinking about the businesses around Disneyland- Opportunity for Disney?

    Sitting here thinking about how many of the businesses around Disneyland are likely to not survive the long closures. I'm really afraid for how many of the restaurants, stores and hotels will have closed up, gone bankrupt, and not return. It's going to be ugly. But started to wonder a bit...
  2. SirWillow

    What is the dumbest thing you've heard a guest say to a character?

    I admit up front, I'm doing a bit of research for a video I'm working on and hoping that some of your experiences will ring some bells and refresh some things in the old memorizer. It's also why I'm looking a bit specific. But I would love to hear what some of the dumbest, silliest, or just...
  3. SirWillow

    Anyone else think the "Disney Legend" title gets thrown around to much?

    I was looking at a post about Ming Na Wen leading the Candlelight Processional, and noticed that she was titled, "Disney Legend." So is Jon Favreau. And all of the Star Wars actors. And... seems like every time I turn around anyone that's had much to do with Disney in the last 10- 20 years...
  4. SirWillow

    Prime Time Shuttle or other transportation from LAX to Disneyland hotels

    We're arriving in 2 weeks for our long overdue trip to Disneyland. Have a private van booked with Prime Time Shuttle from LAX for our group of 5 to our hotel on Harbor across the street from Disneyland. But I've had a couple of things happen that are starting to cause me concern. Has anyone...
  5. SirWillow

    Disneyland Forever Fireworks- is Monday Sept 2 the last day?

    Looking over the schedule for our trip in a month and realized that the fireworks weren't on the daily schedules the first week in October. Then as I started crawling back through the schedule, I realized that Labor Day Monday is the last scheduled showing of Disneyland Forever, and that it's...
  6. SirWillow

    Are the feelings for the Yeti unreasonable?

    I know this one has some strong feelings from some people, and I have to admit I'm a little bemused by some of it, and figure I must be missing somethings. Especially after I saw a couple of people attack Iger on the thread about him as if he's directly responsible for it and it's a high crime...
  7. SirWillow

    Has Rafiki's Planet Watch reopened yet? Any changes? Are Characters there?

    I see that the website is showing it as having reopened. So I'm curious, were there any changes? Any updates? Or just general clean up and fresh paint? If it's open, are they still doing character meet and greets there? Used to be the place to meet Rafiki, Jiminy Cricket and Pocahontas.
  8. SirWillow

    Quick question on transportation getting to MK early for a tour

    When my daughter and I are visiting at the end of Feb our first day we have an early Keys to the Kingdom tour. Tour starts at 8am while the park isn't scheduled to open until 9. We're staying over at Pop Century. Are the busses going to be running early enough from the resort to get us to the...
  9. SirWillow

    New photopass website with some changes, improvements, and one big loss

    I first saw this at https://www.wdwinfo.com/news-stories/disney-photopass-has-new-website-guests-should-complete-purchases-by-tonight/ The new website is https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/photopass and they've made a bunch of improvements. You can now see photos showing only certain parks, all...
  10. SirWillow

    Long time reader, former cast member- finally decided to sign in

    Been reading for quite a while now, but finally decided to go ahead and join and sign in. Loved Disney (and theme parks in general) since I was a kid growing up in California in the 70's and 80's, including several trip to Disneyland. Moved to Florida in 2004 and had a dream come true when I...
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