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  1. MaryMcMagic

    BAD experience at Smokehouse in EPCOT

    So disappointing to read of your experience. My friend and I really liked our roasted chicken meals just this past weekend. It was my first time eating at Regal Eagle and enjoyed it very much. Polite Pig is one of my favorite QS locations in all of WDW, but Regal was one of my MUST-DO's this...
  2. MaryMcMagic

    When Planning Please Consider using a Disney TA (Kingdom Konsultant) to support them during this tough time.

    You are too kind @monothingie! I’m Agent Mary Ann and always love to help create a little MAGIC for my clients. We gotta make lemonade from these lemons once we’re on the other side of this situation. Can’t wait to get back to my happy place!!!
  3. MaryMcMagic

    News Disney Villains After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I’ve done many after hour events and always looking for something new. Can’t wait to check it out with my KK Fam! 😈
  4. MaryMcMagic

    News Walt Disney World theme park ticket price increases go into effect March 12 2019

    No. If you’ve already purchased tickets you will not have to pay more when it comes times to use them.
  5. MaryMcMagic

    Pop Century Thoughts/ Preferred Rooms

    The newly renovated rooms make the very most of the space. The vanity area has storage for everyone's toiletries without being cluttered and there's plenty of room for hanging and putting away clothes. Possibly the best new addition is the raised platform bed and the ability to slide your...
  6. MaryMcMagic

    Nachos Rio Grande Challenge at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

    It never hurts to ask prior to ordering. I'd imagine they can put it on the side. My sister is GF and they brought out a platter just for her because the ground beef seasoning is not GF.
  7. MaryMcMagic

    Nachos Rio Grande Challenge at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn

    There's plenty of seating in the case of multiple 'Challengers"! They do a great job of making you feel special and giving you a one of a kind experience. They are sooo YUMMY!!! I did this with a group of 16--We actually ordered TWO!! Finished them both because aren't quitters! PS--AP...
  8. MaryMcMagic

    Free Dining is BACK!!

    Yes we are! We're ready to help you plan an amazing vacation!
  9. MaryMcMagic

    Trip Planning to a whole new level!

    Welcome Carey!
  10. MaryMcMagic

    Via Napoli .... LOVED it!!

    My family owns a pizza shop in NE Ohio--I can eat pizza any day of the week!--and Via Napoli is a must do for me every single trip! Try the arancini, too. I'm drooling now. :hungry:
  11. MaryMcMagic

    Kingdom Konsultants - Which Agent?

    I was introduced to Kingdom Konsultants as a client and they always took great care of my and my extended family's Disney vacations. Now I enjoy the pleasure of helping others as a member of this incredible team. I pay it forward in Disney Magic...I love my job!
  12. MaryMcMagic

    Official notice of 2015 Resort Pricing release date!

    Only 1 week until 2015 packages are released! Lots of trips to plan--So excited!:)
  13. MaryMcMagic

    Official notice of 2015 Resort Pricing release date!

    Going to make a lot of people happy in the next couple weeks! Woo hoo!!!
  14. MaryMcMagic

    Free Dining is Here!

    Glad to see so many are able to take advantage of this great opportunity! YAY!
  15. MaryMcMagic

    Hotel / Villa for large groups?

    One of the biggest challenges with large groups is timing. When you stay off property and renting cars, everyone has to leave to go TO the park together and leave to go back to the hotel/rental together. When you're dealing with children, adults, older adults, it's rare to all be on the same...
  16. MaryMcMagic

    Epcot After Hours Tasting - New event

    I hope this is successful and continues past the current end dates. Sounds delightful!
  17. MaryMcMagic

    Akreshus I don't get it question

    Congratulations! This is one of my family's very favorites! Service is done family style at Akershus. Large platters are brought to the table with the hot foods on them to be passed around the table. Sides, breads, and cold items, like salads, are kept at a buffet for you to service...
  18. MaryMcMagic

    Cape May Cafe Breakfast

    I agree that this buffet is better than most for breakfast. My family and I found it very enjoyable and easy to get to. I highly recommend!
  19. MaryMcMagic

    Best hotel for 4 families going together

    I love when my family has gone to WDW in large numbers! It's always a ton of fun. You could reserve 2 guaranteed connecting rooms for the families of 6 and 5 in the values and, in some cases, it'll be cheaper than a deluxe and you'll have more room. And did I mention 2 bathrooms, as well?
  20. MaryMcMagic

    2015 WDWMagic Family Cruise

    We're working on it, too! I'm LOVING the double dip at Castaway Cay!
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