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  1. tink729

    Just got back from WDW and...

    ...my only complaint was that I wish there were direct buses from park to park. Excluding the monorail linking MK and Epcot and the boat linking Epcot and DHS, it's so inconvenient to get from park to park. It took me over an hour to get from MK to DHS by means of the monorail to the TTC then by...
  2. tink729

    Mermaids in PoTC

    I just saw a video posted with the new mermaids in PoTC. Here's the link: Is it just me, or does the effect in the water just look like a blob of light and not a mermaid? Can't tell if it's the video or what. As for the skeleton of a mermaid on the beach, I think it looks pretty good. It's...
  3. tink729

    Weather in Early November?

    This year will be the first time that I have traveled to WDW in November (9th-13th) and I was wondering what the weather would be like then? Keep in mind, I'm traveling from NY so I'm used to cooler temperatures. I also visited last year at the very end of September and was comfortable in shorts...
  4. tink729

    Disney Blog

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with all of you my most recent post from "Disney From A Twenty-Something" on WDWRadio.com! I post new entries every Monday and would love for all of you to enjoy exploring the parks from this perspective with me! Here is the link...
  5. tink729

    Disney Phone Covers?

    I know that the parks sell covers for iPhones and iPads, but has anyone ever seen covers for HTC phones? I have an EVO 4G and would love a Disney cover.
  6. tink729

    MNSSHP, 40th Anniversary, Food & Wine Festival, Keys to the Kingdom, and much more!

    Hey everyone, So I've been a long time lurker here basically posting rarely here and there. Thus, this is my first trip report and I hope you enjoy it! I went to the World with just my mom from September 28-October 3 and we stayed for the first time at Coronado Springs. We had a 6am flight out...
  7. tink729

    Disney Blog

    Hey everyone, I've recently started a Disney Blog that, although young in development, I hope will one day be popular and well read. It would mean a lot to me if anyone interested would take a look and feel free to offer up suggestions or advice. I am hoping to get the next post up in the next...
  8. tink729

    Magical Express to Coronado Springs

    Has anyone ever used Magical Express to Coronado Springs? My flight lands at 9am and I was wondering about what time I would be reaching the resort. Are several resorts grouped by area for one bus, or does each resort have it's own bus line from the airport?
  9. tink729

    Things to do during less crowded times

    Hey everyone, I am headed to The World in September/October and it will be my first time staying there when it is not Peak Season. I'm looking for things to do that wouldn't necessarily be as convenient or easy to do when it is most crowded. So far I have the Keys to the Kingdom tour, Behind the...
  10. tink729

    Wait times in late September/October?

    Hey everyone, I've been mostly a spectator here for quite some time but I have some questions that I hope you can answer for me. I've been going to Disney every summer since I was little, but for the first time I'm staying at CSR from September 28-October 3. Any ideas on how crowded it is going...
  11. tink729

    Brazil Tour Groups

    Hey all, I just returned from a week's vacation at Disney World and although it was so much fun, these Brazilian tour groups made certain things miserable! They were loud, obnoxious, and beyond rude. They would push and shove their way to the front of theaters and lines. In one instance, they...
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