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  1. dgauthier

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Much respect thank you for your service Sir
  2. dgauthier

    Gideon's Bakehouse coming to Disney Springs

    Last year when I was at Disney I pre-ordered four dozen assorted cookies to bring back home for my office staff and a few for me. OMG they are so good and can be frozen. The cake at their store was out of this world
  3. dgauthier

    Entitled Manchild/Horrible Father Harasses Cast Member

    It amazes me that a Disney employee (according to the Facebook page) would do this to a fellow CM.
  4. dgauthier

    Silent Thread

  5. dgauthier

    Distilled Water for CPAP

    When I stayed at AOA they had it you had to ask cast member for it
  6. dgauthier

    Orlando man charged with hitting a Disney security guard during fight over COVID-19 mask rule

    The new vending machine is stocked with the disposable variety of face masks. (We noticed vending machines at Universal Studios Hollywood that also sold masks, but those also had washable versions available.) Vending Machines outside of park entrance Granted this is Hollywood studios not sure...
  7. dgauthier

    Ever lost or found anything valuable?

    Last year my family and I were in DS at Goofy's candy shop. Left and was on the other side of the Lego store when I get a call. Someone found my wallet under the table we were at. They waited until I got bock over to them and returned it to me. I bought the whole family slush's to thank them.
  8. dgauthier

    Ever had an accident at WDW?

    also allergic to bees
  9. dgauthier

    Ever had an accident at WDW?

    A few years ago my family was at the POFQ, we went to the front desk for information and I noticed a black bug on my wife's arm. I reached over and grabbed it and felt a very sharp pain followed by restricted breathing. It was a small scorpion and come to find out I am allergic to those too...
  10. dgauthier

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Contemporary resort
  11. dgauthier

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    You are right it has SFSU (sorry for screw up)
  12. dgauthier

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Epcot innovations
  13. dgauthier

    Exclusive/Private Parking at Parks?

    Or have the two big guys park on either side
  14. dgauthier

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    You know up to this point I was on your side but you sure have a way of alienating people
  15. dgauthier

    Hi from New Orleans

    I am from Ponchatoula and now transplanted to Kansas, Welcome
  16. dgauthier

    Where to buy Morocco item

    Or try Phone: (407) 939-5277
  17. dgauthier

    Where to buy Morocco item

    To Contact The Morocco Pavilion: Call: 407-827-5322 Fax: 407 -827-5478 Email: info@restaurantmarrakesh.com. Morocco Pavilion is located at 1790 Avenue ...
  18. dgauthier

    News The 'Disney Look' to be further relaxed at Walt Disney World

    If this was the only changes I do not think most would have a problem. One point I see like has been said is hey why not a 1.5 inch beard or how about two bracelets. that is not much of a change.......three years later I only want to add.5 inches to my beard
  19. dgauthier

    That snap you heard? My camel's back is breaking!

    At CRT tip is included it is one of the few places that are (I think)
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