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  1. Ben_since_1971

    New Park Opening at WDW - The Onion

    Can't wait for the commemorative pin set!!!! Link
  2. Ben_since_1971

    Next Year - Reserved Seating at Candlelight Processional - Maybe

    Didn't want to make it too click-bait-y and apologies if this has been posted elsewhere or if this isn't the forum for it. I just finished taking a survey from Disney regarding the Candlelight Processional dinner package. It was in regards to them toying with the idea of assigned seating to...
  3. Ben_since_1971

    Tomorrowland Review

    Meh. Movie started out great (I won't spoil it) but then just became so-so. Some of the concepts were cool, the effects were neat, but overall, just meh. Not worth seeing in IMAX (less than 25 people at the 6:30 show I went to). The ending made me think live action 'Meet the Robinsons'. Space...
  4. Ben_since_1971

    Flag Retreat Question

    I was poring over my pictures from my trip this past December and saw some pictures I took of the Flag Retreat at MK and it reminded me of something that struck me during the ceremony. There were the three Disney Security Officers escorting the veteran that receives the flag. They were...
  5. Ben_since_1971

    Boo to the new Magical Express Film

    In year's past, my vacation started the minute the ME bus started playing the 'welcome to WDW' movie that had all the characters going on vacation. And on the return trip the film was the reverse - the characters going home. At the very end, just as the bus was approaching MCO, they would all...
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