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  1. kucarachi

    Refurb on the refurbs?

    Can't they figure out by now what needs fixed months in advance. Never fails, you book a trip then the last 2 months before you leave they start announcing stuff that will be shut down while you are there! Just maybe if you told me 6 months ahead if time I could leave earlier or arrive later to...
  2. kucarachi

    Worst Ride in all of Disney Ever? Your opinion

    what do you feel was the biggest, dumbest, worth getting fired over mistake ever put onto disney property. Is it Stitch? Is it Food Rocks? Is it Pocahontas's Forest Friends? What ride upset or still upsets you whenever you see it but you ride it anyway just because your an idiot like me that...
  3. kucarachi

    Jake & Neverland Pirates 3d show or stage show?

    Any chance for disney to bring Jake & The Neverland Pirates to an attraction? i know they can't be a part of POTC and i would not touch Peter Pan's Flight in anyway other than fresh effects and paint. But i find them one of the sole reasons disney jr does so well and they get no love other than...
  4. kucarachi

    Send the country bears packing!

    I think its finally time to hibernate the bears that have been putting guest to sleep for the last few decades. They are racist looking, creepy, stereotyped rednecks and not sure how they are still in business. I'm sure some of you like them, but thats more nostalgia than entertainment. Why not...
  5. kucarachi

    Water Parks & More Option without Park Hopper Question

    I've never gotten the water parks and more option without the park hopper and was wondering if you could go to the water parks and the actual parks in the same day. Or do you have to use them as if they were a one day park pass and you were stuck at the water park that whole day.
  6. kucarachi

    Princess Castles

    why do they name these castles after the princess...when most of the castles had to have names already. Plus most of the princesses never had a real job until they married into the royal family. In fact some of them weren't even human (Ariel im looking at you). I think it's disrespectful to men...
  7. kucarachi

    Christmas Day Parade Taping 2010

    Anyone know the day of the actual parade. We are planning a November Trip and it would be extra special if we could actually be there for the celebrity parade. Its our son's first trip and he would enjoy as much as we would seeing some of his favortie disney acts live!
  8. kucarachi

    Hurricane Hanna Watch

    We always go in october, this year were going sep 5th and it seems it looks like the spin cycle on a washer this time. Is anybody else going the week of the 5th to the 12th? I see the projected path of the hurricane and it seems like its missing orlando, but i know that cant be...we're...
  9. kucarachi

    MK Themed parties...ripping off regular customers?

    It seems now there is a themed MK party at least every other month now. And the question is...at what rate do you keep offering these things and continually shorten park hours for those who cant afford it. The parks usually close at 7 and 2 more hours in the MK can make a world of difference as...
  10. kucarachi

    Great Movie Ride/ Jungle Cruise Which is more painful to work?

    Just got back from another trip and every year i forget how bad it must stink to work these two rides. Im not sure which one is worse though...i have been on a few jungle cruise rides where i think nobody spoke english and it seemed like not only didnt they get any laughs they looked like the...
  11. kucarachi

    Refurb Petition! WHat the ####?!

    I dont know if its true yet i just read that RnR coaster will be down the day after labor day? So your telling me If you go Sep 2nd (which we are) You miss The haunted mansion, Space Ship Earth, And Rock n Roller Coaster....I think we should all be entitled to an upgrade to the contemporary...
  12. kucarachi

    Disney/Pixar Naming Time for a merge?

    I was watching a video planning kit for disney recently and i couldnt get over how many times the actors had to take a deep breath and say, a disney presentation of a pixar animation studios picture....the seas with nemo and friends...or nemo the musical...or buzz lightyear etc. Isnt it time...
  13. kucarachi

    When can you buy P & P Party tickets?

    I know they go on sale today, but what time can you start purchasing?
  14. kucarachi

    MGM revamp what do they need?

    Anyone here getting tired of the corner of MGM that has the drew carey show, the star tours (really boring) and Indiana Jones. Not to mention the backlot tour, and Honey i shrunk the kids, which i cant see one kid saying they still remember H.I.S.T.K. actually being out in theatres. MGM is stuck...
  15. kucarachi

    Haunted Mansion at MNSSHP?

    I am not sure what day MNSSHP is starting this year but last year if i remember right was the first week of september. I was just wondering if the 12th was an estimate or it would actually be down during the halloween party since it is pretty much the main ride that night. And i still to this...
  16. kucarachi

    Harry Potter & The Letter Of Intent

    http://jimhillmedia.com/blogs/jim_hill/archive/2006/10/16/6221.aspx I'm sure its been talked about 745 different times, but is it finally starting to come true? JK Rowling seems to be getting less protective of her hero's now that the end is near. Seems MGM would be the only place to fit any...
  17. kucarachi

    Dinner Attire Questions

    I was wondering what the dress codes were at some of the dining plan digs. Since Coral Reef has been downgraded from a signature restaraunt is it ok to wear theme park clothes, Such as (shorts, t shirt, ball cap, backpack). Or do you have to go back to the hotel and get cleaned up? The...
  18. kucarachi

    Season of Dreams Package good or not so good?

    I was wondering if anybody else booked under the season of dreams package and noticed that the savings were small to none? Maybe its because i was booking under a moderate hotel? But getting the dining plan magic your way season of dreams package for me..was exactly the same regular season price...
  19. kucarachi

    Annual Pass Ride Previews.

    Anybody know if two people can share an annual pass when its time to preview a ride. Such as Nemo and Friends, or Nemo the musical? Or does the other person have to watch while the pass holder is having a good time? just curious if we need 2 annual passes? thanks a bunch
  20. kucarachi

    Fall Rates? Mid October

    Anybody know yet if they have posted any of the package rates for this fall yet. We are going from Oct 22nd to the 30th, and were wondering if we should get a annual pass to save on the hotel since i havent heard of any free dining or any special whatsoever that month? Anyone else that usually...
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