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  1. MUTZIE77

    News Disney Park Pass System announced for Walt Disney World theme park reservations

    Has anyone tried going to a ticket booth and buying tickets for the next day when the calendar shows no availability? Since this is a self imposed capacity limit, I thought it might be a possibility. We have park passes for one day in late May and we are undecided on another day.
  2. MUTZIE77

    News Winter Summerland to reopen, Fantasia Gardens to close for the season

    I hope they take the down time for Fantasia Gardens and give it some love. It was in pretty rough shape when I was there last November.
  3. MUTZIE77

    News Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue replacing Liberty Inn

    Anyone have any idea when this is due to open?
  4. MUTZIE77

    I hate to be the one to do this but.....about Paint the Night...

    You guys can either keep it or scrap it, but please don't send it to Florida.
  5. MUTZIE77

    Vero Beach Resort

    I was just looking at the initial cost on the resale market. Some Vero beach contracts are listed in the 55-65 point range. Although the dues are about $2 more a point at Vero Beach. It appears that the extra dues actually makes it come out more expensive in a per year breakdown.
  6. MUTZIE77

    Vero Beach Resort

    Does anyone own at Vero Beach and use points to stay at WDW? If so, how easy was it to book at WDW?
  7. MUTZIE77

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    I have experienced this as well. I had a girl grab my leg, apologize and proceed to grab my leg every time we dropped.
  8. MUTZIE77

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I was at WDW the first week of February and the crowds at MK were absolutely bonkers. Takes all of the fun out of it for us. I would say when HM hits 80 min too me that's nuts. DHS was nuts too, but mostly because everyone is there for a handful of rides. DHS is in trouble even after Star Wars...
  9. MUTZIE77

    Holidays at the Magic Kingdom 2017

    Anyone know when the decorations are usually taken down?
  10. MUTZIE77

    When are you going to fix that yeti?

    Weren't there photos floating around a few years ago proving that the yeti was removed while the ride was still operating?
  11. MUTZIE77

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    We did a split stay for our honeymoon in 2014 at BLT and Saratoga. The only issue I had at BLT was the bed feeling like a concrete slab, worst sleep I ever had at a hotel. Saratoga on the other hand, the bathroom door wouldn't close because the hinge screws on the top and middle hinges were...
  12. MUTZIE77

    Rumor Is Indiana Jones Planning an Adventure to Disney's Animal Kingdom?

    I would love an Indy land, but not at the expense of Dinoland USA. All they need to do is keep the Dino theme and add another attraction to accompany Dinosaur. The obvious choice for Indy placement would be where Indy currently exists in DHS. Unfortunately the Bobs aren't into obvious placements...
  13. MUTZIE77

    180 days

    I am going to be trying for an Ohana reservation at the 180 day mark. At what time in the morning are you able to make reservations?
  14. MUTZIE77

    Replacement for Tomorrowland Speedway?

    According to Martin, those are the cut marks where the torches would have chopped the track apart before they took a torch to the budget. I also believe Martin said that if would have been a full tear down and rebuild with the same layout. I still can't believe the money was allocated and the...
  15. MUTZIE77

    Possible Frontierland expansion

    Geez if MK can't get an E ticket attraction for its 50th, nearly 30 years since the last, it may never get another.
  16. MUTZIE77

    Paint the night is not moving to Disney World. Stop bumping this.

    We can only hope, though based on PTN I will not be holding my breath. When replacing something like Spectro, we should be blown away by the entire experience. I liked PTN but the club music left a bad taste in my mouth.
  17. MUTZIE77

    Paint the night is not moving to Disney World. Stop bumping this.

    I doubt we will ever see another like it.
  18. MUTZIE77


    I almost walked into Kelly Rippa and her kids by BTM once. On another occasion Michael Rosenbaum (was in the movie Urban Legend, not too famous) walked past with guest relations and his significant other on the Splash bridge. I was at ESPN zone at Boardwalk watching Packers Vs. Cowboys in 2007...
  19. MUTZIE77

    News Tomorrowland love

    I believe that song was even written by Disney's very own Robert Sherman.
  20. MUTZIE77

    News Tomorrowland love

    Future Wonderworld BGM
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