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  1. LiterallyNobody

    Social distanced Fantasmic coming by February.

    That is it. Read the title. Should say all you need to know.
  2. LiterallyNobody

    NYE live stream? Could be partially Harmonious..

    Hearing there will be testing done within the next week, possibly as early as Sunday, for parts of the new show at Epcot being part of the "live stream" of fireworks for NYE. If I understand correctly, the Harmonious part work be AFTER we move to 2021 to officially debut in that year. VERY...
  3. LiterallyNobody

    Oh no, say it ain't so, Joe..

    Hearing murmurs that every's favorite Rohde scholar may have been caught up in the axe that we call 2020.
  4. LiterallyNobody

    Whoopimecalit Forever? Thankfully no...

    So a fictional African country in World Showcase has been talked about for the last few years, but has always been turned down to keep integrity. I am hearing there is the possibility of a temporary African country being accessible from the African Outpost, but it would be more of a...
  5. LiterallyNobody

    Perrey and Kingsley are going be getting some fresh royalty checks next year..

    Won’t be full checks from what I am understanding, but partial checks at least. Makes me happy.
  6. LiterallyNobody

    I heard fireworks a little bit ago.. Lasted only about five minutes...

    So I heard big fireworks a little a bit ago. As loud as they sounded it was from the test range, not any other site. Anyone have more info? I asked around and so far no one knows anything. But it was definitely fireworks and not some other sound.
  7. LiterallyNobody

    Hi, long time no talk. New 50th parade cancelled.

    To be fair, there will be a parade for 50th, but repurposing old floats. New floats are cancelled. Fun times. That is all, back to work now.
  8. LiterallyNobody

    Fireworks? Yep, it's happening, but not how you think.

    So @WDW Pro can choose to believe me or not. But I just heard that Disney is working with local schools in the area to provide fireworks for virtual graduation celebrations. Meaning people will be able to stay in their car, near the school they are graduating from, and watch a fireworks display.
  9. LiterallyNobody

    Augh.. I feel like the Harbinger of Doom recently with my posts.. Tom Sawyer's Island will not be opening up again...

    Too many concerns with cramming people on the skiffs to take them over there, and once they get there wandering free. The manpower required for cast members to enforce "social distancing" on that island isn't worth the return. Old school MK is dying. It's a shame, but it is happening.
  10. LiterallyNobody

    Sorry to say, the "Escape Room" idea is officially dead...

    I posted a few months ago about the idea of "Escape Room" type experiences coming to WDW at the resorts. Well, I have found out today that they are officially dead. It's a shame because some of the ideas and concepts were pretty interesting. But with the idea of sticking groups of 10+...
  11. LiterallyNobody

    Voyage of the Little Mermaid is done, won't reopen with the parks.

    I mentioned a few months back that super high resolution pictures of the props from Voyage of the Little Mermaid we taken for archival purposes to prepare for the eventual closure. Just found out from the same source the plan is to not open it again once Hollywood Studios re-opens. It is...
  12. LiterallyNobody

    Pyro techs are being asked to report on 3/29 for work..

    From what I understand, many pyro techs are being asked to report to work on 3/29. Likely because the pyro on hand does have an expiration date. I would expect it is either to destroy or ignite them. Since destructions takes more paper work than actually igniting them, I would suspect there...
  13. LiterallyNobody

    All boat rides (with the exception of Jungle Cruise) are either currently being drained or will be soon..

    Not surprising I guess. Keep them dry to keep stagnant water from becoming a problem. But from what I understand all the water based rides will be drained, except Jungle Cruise for some reason, until the parks are about to re-open. So when they do open again, fresh, clean water on all the rides.
  14. LiterallyNobody

    I hear the Rise of the Resistance opening ceremony is going to be pretty interesting.

    *VPN Mode Activated* I saw a little of the plans today for the ride opening. Let's just say if you are going to it, you may want to wear a Tie. They want everyone on their best behavior, so they will not allow any Fighters in. And no matter now boring it is, they don't want any Boeing. You...
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