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    Woman jumps to her death

    She jumped at the Contemporary.... very sad!
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    Star Wars Galaxies Edge soft opening for CM's started

    Can't wait going this week!! 👏😎
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    New Hollywood Studios bus stop opening

    The new bus stops are scheduled to open March 19,2019
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    Special Edition Banshee

    Special Edition Banshees went on sale this morning only 5000 available. So far about 1000 sold today.
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    Good idea ? Or not

    I don't know how feasible this is or the interest level. But here goes and stop me if it's already out there. I'm always wondering who at the parks might be a forum member. Then it hit me , how about if we had some kind of pin that we could purchase with the forum logo on it? Then you would be...
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    First week of January is COLD!

    Anyone coming down this week may want to leave bathing suits and shorts at home. Our local weather reports are telling of a chance of snow flurries Tuesday/Wednesday nights, lows around 32. We are worried about some of our plants. Daytime highs upper forties to low fifties on those days. It...
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    Hi everyone

    Just recently joined...... my wife says I talk about Disney too much. Is that even possible LOL?
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    Transportation Cards

    I saw a few older threads about transportation cards and I was wondering if people still try to collect them or is the interest in them diminished
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