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    Entertainment to Attractions Question

    Greetings everybody -- I have a friend who is auditioning to become a character at the parks. But she is also interested in working at an attraction if there should be a spot available after the time she would start work as a character. What would be her procedure to transfer from a...
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    What the HISTA?!

    From MiceChat.com :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    The Living Seas News: What to Expect in 2005/2006

    Although I wasn't able to give the building the farewell it deserves, this news with permission granted from D-Troops HQ... The Living Seas Rehab - August 31 - Late November (27th? 30th) Essentially, the Living Seas will be shut down for two major change phases. Phase one...
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    Tragic News. Joe Ranft, dead at 45

    TOP STORY Joe Ranft, dead at 45 Confirming rumors we've been hearing all day, The Hollywood Reporter and AWN report that Joe Ranft was killed Tuesday afternoon in a car accident. Ranft worked on many of the most beloved modern classics out of Disney and Pixar, including: writing for The Brave...
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    Welcome to Dinseyland!

    Admission: $173.85. Two days at LEAST of "Dinseyland" on www.DisneyDirect.com (look under auctioneer pirate). First saw it 24 hours ago... but the countdown continues!! :D http://disney.store.go.com/
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    Another Poll: SPACESHIP EARTH

    This complements the others - how do you feel?
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    Fess up about Figment

    Twice I've heard the post, "JIIwF may be going down for rehab" -- but the source has been forgotten. Can anyone provide info on this rumor or its source? Thanks!
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    Poll Three of Three: Soarin'

    What do you think of Soarin' today?
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    Poll Two of Three: TEST TRACK

    How do you feel today about Test Track?
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    Poll One of Three: MISSION SPACE

    What is your opinion today regarding Epcot's Mission Space?
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    Dreamflight's Soundtrack

    What a delightful soundtrack. Anyone else agree?
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    What would you like to see at Wonders of Life?

    How it works: You are designing the new Wonders of Life pavilion. You can pick (but do not HAVE to pick) either a single item or multiple items from categories A-F. If you see "PICK ONE," you can only pick one item from that lettered category. If you see "PICK ANY," you can multiple choice...
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    Wonders of Life, Cranium Command, Body Wars NO LONGER LISTED on DisneyWorld.com

    Wonders of Life, Cranium Command, Body Wars are NO LONGER LISTED on DisneyWorld.com. They are still listed as operationally closed on the "calendar" feature, but otherwise, they're no longer listed on the attractions page list. The sad part is, we probably won't see much in the pavilion...
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    Enchanted Tiki Secret

    Did you know . . . . . . that Walt Disney put his own money into creating and building the Enchanted Tiki Room (Disneyland)? It is the only attraction in Disneyland with Walt's name on it -- it's rare for an attraction to have such a distinction. Disneyland actually had to buy it from...
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    Oh, this makes me jealous.

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5987803349&category=19224&rd=1 Note: NEW item by "Disney store" tag. And Tokyo Disneyland gets it because...? :lol:
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    Living Seas Rehab: August - November

    According to Disney, The Living Seas will not be operating August 21 through late November, 2005. What is going to happen? Most likely, Nemo will be "taking over" the building. Also expect changes in the design of the pavilion. What is rumored to happen? I've heard the following RUMORS...
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    Mrs. Doubtfire 2

    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0454901/ I don't know if anything can beat the original. I'm both excited (love the 1993 film) and somewhat unsure. Your thoughts?
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    Fainting Goats!

    Enjoy! http://www.ebaumsworld.com/faintinggoats.html
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    Meet and Greets Squared: Bye, Timekeeper?

    From Screamscape: While we don’t have any updates yet on why a film was reported being tested in the Timekeeper theater, we have heard that the attraction is planned to undergo a remodel to add photo backdrops for character meet and greets (Buzz, Stitch, Incredibles) as well as an area for...
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    Which attractions have you seen?

    Which 50th Anniversary attractions have you experienced?
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