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  1. Walter Elias Disney

    Disneyland construction crews return for limited ‘essential work’ during coronavirus closure

    The limited construction marks the first step toward ramping up work at the Disneyland resort as Disney prepares for the eventual reopening of its Anaheim theme parks. Disney construction crews have returned to resume limited “essential work” on Avengers Campus and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway...
  2. Walter Elias Disney

    Current Castle/Projections and Firework Show..Which one do you prefer?

    I have had the incredible opportunity to witness each spectacular presentation. I'm hoping imagineers will take a mixture of all and create a memorable show for the 50th anniversary. Which one is your favorite? Happily Ever After Walt Disney World Together Forever Disneyland Pixar...
  3. Walter Elias Disney

    Happy Birthday, Walter Elias Disney!

    It is hard to believe that Walt Disney would have been 116 years old today. Do you have any favorite pictures of the amazing man? Post 116 unforgettable photos for this wonderful occasion.
  4. Walter Elias Disney

    Which new attraction proposed at D23 is your favorite?

    I'm looking forward to the new attractions and updates occurring at the Walt Disney World Resort. Which attraction has peaked your interest the most?
  5. Walter Elias Disney

    Skyliner Gondola System - Construction

    Good afternoon, folks! Does anyone have photos of the Skyliner Gondola System construction? Thanks in advance!
  6. Walter Elias Disney

    Share Your Disney Character Autographs

    How may charter autographs do you have? Share your favorite autograph today!
  7. Walter Elias Disney

    Is Mystic Manor coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios?

    I'm hearing rumors that Mystic Manor will be moving into The Great Movie Ride after the "new lands" are completed. I know we have heard a rumor regarding a Mickey Mouse based attraction in the same place. A new trackless system would be awesome for this facility and really up the possibilities...
  8. Walter Elias Disney

    Vintage Disney Commercials....Pulls at Your Heart and Moments We Have All Encountered.

    What is your favorite Disney Commercial of years past?
  9. Walter Elias Disney

    Dumbo....possibly coming to Fantasyland!

    Would you be interested in having a meet and greet with Dumbo? Rumors have been circulating that this could be a possibility in the near future. Help the cause and encourage to bring him back to Fantasyland!
  10. Walter Elias Disney

    Hollywood Studios "Launch Bay"

    The former animation building is quickly transforming to Walt Disney World' s version of "Blue Sky" for the future Star Wars additions to the park. It looks like the outside is quickly changing with new paint features to showcase the new pavilion. WDW is truly changing for the better! Post any...
  11. Walter Elias Disney

    Animal Kingdom. "Rivers of Light" Nightime Spectacular

    The new "Rivers of Light" is truly looking to be a spectacular show. I can relate the experience to the water show currently featured at Disneyland Tokyo....without all the firework explosions. Looking forward to 2016 and the opening of this incredible addition. I have attached the show from...
  12. Walter Elias Disney

    Do you think it is time to update our nighttime spectacular parade? Possibly Paint The Night Parade?

    Disneyland has started the final preparations for their version of Paint The Night LED parade for the 60th celebration. Do you think it is time for an upgrade at the Magic Kingdom?
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