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  1. The Empress Lilly

    Disneyland: art masterpiece or corporate monstrosity?

    For your reading pleasure. Interesting thoughts abound in this morning's fine BBC article. https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20210817-is-disneyland-an-art-masterpiece-or-corporate-monstrosity
  2. The Empress Lilly

    EPCOT Entertainment Schedules

    I was scanning in some old stuff. I thought this EPCOT entertainment schedule from August 1987 was interesting. Does anybody have any more old EPCOT entertainment schedules? Or the latest one to compare?
  3. The Empress Lilly

    California Bill Proposal: Gaol For Keeping Orcas in Captivity

    This concerns Sea World in San Diego, but I thought it better to keep all SEA news here. This week, SEA's worst nightmare may come to pass. If this bill gets passed, Sea World will be forced to move away from exploiting large cetaceans unfit for captivity, and rethink itself as a general ocean...
  4. The Empress Lilly

    Pottey Swats Disney

    Thought this might be a fun spin-off from another thread. Will Potter phase 2 mean that an Orlando Universal park surpasses a WDW park in attendance? First full year after Phase 2 opens. Any Universal Orlando park beating any Disney World park. Based on TEA numbers. Get your predictions in...
  5. The Empress Lilly

    You choose: FLE, Cars, Potter, Penguins

    Pretty straightforward, poll says it all. Take your pick! Multiple options possible, choices are public.
  6. The Empress Lilly

    DLP vs. MK

    Personally, I find the MK so much prettier than DLP it isn't even funny. MK: The world's greatest castle DL: Sugarcake castle. It always reminds me of Cinderella's birthday cake castle during the 25th celebration. (But the dragon in the dungeon can't be beat!) MK: The world's prettiest...
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