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  1. Ariel

    Happy holidays

    I know that is been a long time since I have visited here, but I wanted to say a little hello to all of my old friends and wish everyone a very happy, safe, and healthy holiday. I think of you often and all of the fun hours I spent at my computer with my friends. Hope to be talking to you in the...
  2. Ariel

    Trip report, trip report!!!

    Hey gang!! I just got back from 8 wonderful days in Disney and I had the BEST time!! Despite it being a holiday week, the parks were relatively un-crowded and we pretty much walked onto every ride. I think maybe we had the need to use Fast Pass all of 5 times in the whole time we were there. The...
  3. Ariel

    Train Station in Kissimmee

    Hi all, This summer I'm going to have to pick up my sisters at the train station, when they arrive for our disney trip. Since I'll already be in Florida at the time, I've been given the honor of providing the transportation. ;) However, I've never been to the train station in Kissimmee, so...
  4. Ariel

    Animal Kingdom Lodge

    Hey gang....just wondering if anyone has any reports, tips and/or advice they can share about this resort? It would be very much appreciated!! :D
  5. Ariel

    Beach Club tips

    Hey gang! I just booked a trip for mid-July to visit our favorite place and got a room at the Beach Club. Although I've been to WDW many times and have visited that resort, I've never actually stayed there. If anyone has any tips or advice....secret spots they'd like to share....which...
  6. Ariel


    Your mailbox is full. Could you kindly clean it out? :D
  7. Ariel

    Tea anyone?

    Hey all..... We haven't done this in a while, although I know that most of the regular tea-timing buddies aren't here.... ....would anyone care to join me for a cup? If so, can you bring some cookies with you? ;)
  8. Ariel

    Good Monday morning all

    Hello my friends. I feel like I was a little out of it last week and I missed you guys. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and I wish you all a very productive and happy week this week. :D
  9. Ariel

    Welcome old members

    Hey gang. With all these new members joining us - and welcome again - I just wanted to say a nice big hello to the "old family". One weekend away and I feel like I missed a year.... Anyway, hello my friends. :D
  10. Ariel

    Have a great weekend gang!!

    Hello all!! I just wanted to say I hope you all have a great weekend, whereever you are and whatever your plans. Just get out and enjoy!! :) :D
  11. Ariel

    Winter, winter go away....

    Can someone please tell me when summer is going to get here? Because I have to say I'm a little tired of the cold and snow around here. :(
  12. Ariel


    I don't have much to say with this message. I think the title pretty much implies everything. I just wanted to send a cheery hello to everyone and hopes that we're all having a good day. Smile. It'll make you feel better. And you never know. Someone might smile right back at you. :D
  13. Ariel


    Hey gang!! I hope everyone had a really great weekend!! :) I hope you had a great birthday Marcia! Let's hope we have a good week this week, although I admit I am starting off the week a little tired...but, I really don't mind that one bit.:D
  14. Ariel

    Is everybody happy?

    If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!! Happy is the word of choice today. :D "H" is for happy. See if you can use it in a sentence. :animwink:
  15. Ariel

    Good Morning!!

    Nothing special to say here. But, I did just want to say good morning to all of you. :) I hope everyone is doing well this morning!! :xmasmile:
  16. Ariel

    First Annual WDWMagic Cookie Event

    Duckie and I have been discussing making this Sunday our first annual cookie baking event. We were hoping we could convince Marcia to offer us some tips and anyone who would like to join in the fun, please feel free. Even if you just want to be a sampler ;) Any takers?
  17. Ariel

    Friday morning coffee break

    Think of this as our own little water cooler area. ;) Does anyone have an exciting, or not exciting for that matter, weekend plans? What is up with everyone today? I'm sitting here typing this when I should be trying to get everything set before Christmas break. And I need to decide what...
  18. Ariel

    Good Morning!!

    Hi all!! Just thought I would say good morning to everyone!! I hope everyone is having a good day so far!! :)
  19. Ariel

    Christmas Wishes

    I thought this would be a place where we could all extend our wishes and greetings to each other....I know that some of us who have formed personal relationships with others will be extending private wishes, but I thought we could use this as a chance to wish all our friends merry Chrismtas...
  20. Ariel


    This morning I went out to my car and it was only 30 degrees out there..... :( It was too cold for me!! How am I going to get through another 3 or 4 months of this? :cry: Time to break out the electric blanket.....
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