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  1. Naplesgolfer

    the MANY problems with Genie+ and paid FastPass (or whatever they are calling it)

    I think the biggest change is for local's, offsite guests and people you didn't plan or look into how fast pass worked before their trip . While on the one hand local's and offsite guests are now locked out of rope drop , Disney has mostly leveled the playing field for expedited access to...
  2. Naplesgolfer

    Speculation on annual passes?

    Black is beautiful. :cool:
  3. Naplesgolfer

    Skyliner down at EP tonight. Crash?

    You would have to believe Doppelmayr wouldn't agree to install a layout that wouldn't operate safely. So this leaves operating cast member error. I suspect they need a higher level of training and continuity of staff long term to run this. Higher pay would be a no brainer to retain trained staff...
  4. Naplesgolfer

    What's the best OKW Accessible Grand Villa location for kids?

    I looked further and found there are only 3 grand villas considered accessible . One on the ground flour and 2 in elevator buildings with 2nd floor entrances . Call guest services and see if those 3 are booked yet or not. But even if they are , they will help you get a grand villa at Saratoga...
  5. Naplesgolfer

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    Ok, I am not a fan of how the Harmonious set pieces look in the lake. But I think this show could really wow us. The list of effects and the rumored about of pyro is promising. I am looking forward to it.
  6. Naplesgolfer

    What's the best OKW Accessible Grand Villa location for kids?

    You should call guest services and state that you use a ECV because I believe most if not all of the Grand villas have entrances on the second floor at OKW and you use the stairs to get there. Only couple of buildings have elevators.( last few built) Either they put you in one of those couple...
  7. Naplesgolfer

    Trouble in paradise officially?

    So the whole world is unprivileged and privileged for you? Did you read his post? Don't denigrate peoples hard work and good choices.
  8. Naplesgolfer

    Skyliner down at EP tonight. Crash?

    Have the skyline crashes/incedents been all on one segment?
  9. Naplesgolfer

    News Morocco Pavilion redevelopment

    I hope Marrakesh comes back in similar form to years past. The food was good and atmosphere/staff felt authentic. We need more of this in Epcot.
  10. Naplesgolfer

    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    I like the food at the Wave and the staff is outstanding. I do find the decor too sterile for my taste, but would prefer no change to a Incredibles overlay.
  11. Naplesgolfer

    News Ohana reopening July 9th

    They aren't trying to find the sweet spot. They are trying to find good enough. Different mind set. They haven't found either and I don't even eat at Ohana!
  12. Naplesgolfer

    Rides and shows need love

    Wow!! you would never see this just a short time ago. It would have been identified much earlier and covered until the moulding could be made or sourced and then installed and painted after hours. Disney is really slipping in so many area's
  13. Naplesgolfer

    Creations Shop opening this summer

    YEHHHHH! I like rayguns and steampunk:)
  14. Naplesgolfer

    Trouble in paradise officially?

    I guess I wasn't writing clearly. I think we will get new rides of course. But not fast enough to solve the capacity problem. My real point to you was almost a play on the old phrase " Fast, cheap and good. You can only have two". With Disney you can't pay for new rides and service without the...
  15. Naplesgolfer

    Who Should Narrate New Spaceship Earth?

    Benedict Cumberbatch would be great!
  16. Naplesgolfer

    Trouble in paradise officially?

    I get where you are coming from. But In my opinion we are NEVER getting new rides , good service and lower prices. The best you can hope for maybe , maybe, maybe (probably not until you get different people at the top) would be a better balance of service/maintence and reinvestment in the parks...
  17. Naplesgolfer

    News Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Hours coming for resort guests

    This Disney Management's new work process slogan. "Just Enough " It should be embroidered on their shirts and crystal desk awards they give each other.
  18. Naplesgolfer

    Trouble in paradise officially?

    Disney is made up of 4-5 parts that each have different needs and can at times run counter cyclical to each other. Theater run movies, streaming, parks, merchandise and Cruise line all feed of each other but are very different ( except for parks and cruise)businesses to run optimally. Espn ,NBC...
  19. Naplesgolfer

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Epcot has many issues but IDF is a masterpiece. I view it every trip at least once. I am always amazed at how many people who have gone to WDW many times have not seen it.
  20. Naplesgolfer

    Piraten in Batavia, or how other parks are eating Disney's lunch

    I agree. But that is a reactive way to run a business not the proactive forward thinking way that built the company. Disney can make top of segment profit and still lead in service and experience. Keep the pricing and price increases but match the price with some balance on Guest experience...
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