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  1. Slowjack

    Construction near Monorail Way

    I searched and couldn't find a thread that mentioned this, so if I missed it, feel free to close this thread. But I was wondering what the construction was about, just north of Monorail Way, basically between the road and the railroad. Hillside is dug up and it looked like retaining walls we...
  2. Slowjack

    Downtown Disney & parking in January

    Hey all. Going to WDW in January...I've been to WDW a lot, but this is the first trip in a long while when I'll be offsite with a car, and I'm wondering what the right idea is now for parking when going to Downtown Disney. With all the closed lots, is there any way to get close to the...
  3. Slowjack

    Mark Hamill, secret Epcot fan

    I just wanted to give public kudos to Mark Hamill. In this recent interview, he talks about how people expect him to have an opinion of all things Star Wars, even though he was only involved in the first three films. So what does he reach for as a metaphor? Bonus points to Mr. Hamill for his...
  4. Slowjack

    Random WDW notes from recent visit

    Hey everyone, just got back from WDW and thought I would post a few random observations. I'm sure all of these have been discussed elsewhere, but here we go. Pirates of the Caribbean Hat Guy(tm): I had read about his weirdness here on the boards, but now I've seen it firsthand. On Wednesday, he...
  5. Slowjack

    Wilderness Lodge vs. Beach/Yacht/Boardwalk

    Hey everyone, this is one of those classic A/B questions. Maybe A/B/C/D? Anyway, planning a trip for January, and in keeping with my desire to vary things up, we've narrowed it down to the Wilderness Lodge or an Epcot resort. The wife & I have done a lot of resort hopping, so we know we like...
  6. Slowjack

    Stroller for 3+3/4 yr old

    We're taking my daughter to WDW for the first time (her first, not mine!) in January, at which point she'll be 3+3/4. I hadn't planned on taking a stroller, figuring I would just rent one when I needed it...we haven't taken her stroller out of the garage all year. But everything I read says I...
  7. Slowjack

    2008 Value vs. Regular season question

    Question about crowd levels. I've made a habit of making my trips to WDW in autumn. In the past, say, eight years ago or so, all of autumn was Value season except for Thanksgiving. Then certain blocks, like the golf tournament in October, started moving to Regular, but it was still mostly...
  8. Slowjack

    Question about early Indy stunt show

    Hey, quick question for someone with a good memory. I was just perusing through the old guide books section of this site (yes, sad isn't it?), and I saw something odd in the 1989 Disney-MGM Guide. So this would be in the first half-year of operation. Anyway, the Indy stunt show is just listed...
  9. Slowjack

    Cranium Command Referenced in Kevin Nealon Interview

    Just saw this on the AVClub, it's an interview with Kevin Nealon, and they ask him about all of his roles, including in Cranium Command. Sadly, they don't seem to know that the Wonders of Life is no more (or that it's not EPCOT Center anymore, either): AVC: Speaking of Hans and Franz, you...
  10. Slowjack

    Are WDW tickets overpriced? An analysis.

    Just thought I would see what other people think about this. I'm the kind of guy who likes to dig into numbers to help form my opinions, and I have some numbers to share. 1983 was the year the WDW completely did away with "ticket books" and let guests ride all the rides they wanted. Before...
  11. Slowjack

    Monorail in early World Showcase design

    Hey, I just got the Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot, and seeing a picture in there that I had seen before made me wonder. It's the concept drawing of World Showcase back when it was a park unto itself, and to be located right next to the Transportation and Ticket Center (in the Epcot Field...
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