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  1. steve2wdw

    Aunt Polly's to reopen for limited time!

    Just read that Aunt Polly's will be opening from Dec 22 to Jan 5, from 11am until 3pm, daily. The menu has five items, including a BBQ Slider and a Root Beer Float! Here's hoping that it's highly successful and park ops opens it more often. Does anyone remember the last time that the windows...
  2. steve2wdw

    Any new info on the Mark Twain?

    Is the Mark Twain ever going to make a return to DLP? I know that the riverboat was in really bad shape, but haven't heard any recent news regarding any plans for refurbishment (or whether it's gone for good?). Just throwing this out there....any insiders know of it's condition or a possible...
  3. steve2wdw

    Tortuga Tavern-Island Dinner Buffet

    Serve this on china, get rid of the reservations, and keep it year round, and we've got the start of something promising in the MK. This is exactly something that success at Disneyland, yet the Magic Kingdom is sorely missing.
  4. steve2wdw

    New Fantasyland-Largest Expansion of the MK, really?

    I noticed on the Disney Parks Blog, that they're touting the 1st Anniversary of the New Fantasyland, the largest expansion in MK history. To me, that may just be a technicality (as far as actual land development), because when the Tomorrowland expansion opened in late '74-early '75, that...
  5. steve2wdw

    Pinocchio's Village Haus Outdoor Seating

    The outdoor seating area of Pinocchio's Village Haus has reopened. From the pictures I've seen, the planters are without trees (but it looks as though there is plenty of room for them in the future), but they do have bench seating around them. It looks very nice, and the fountain seems to be...
  6. steve2wdw

    Richard Sherman and Tim O'Day on "small world" at MK today....

    Just read that Tim O'Day and Richard Sherman were on the MK version of "it's a small world" today....when I rode last week, the audio was a train wreck. The same missing tracks from last March and April, the most glaring being the complete lack of instrumentation in the finale room. Other than...
  7. steve2wdw

    Fireworks at the Studios tonight....private party?

    I was at Epcot tonight for EMH, and sometime between 10 and 10:30 pm we noticed a huge fireworks show at the Studios. Anyone know what was going on over there? PS Tonight being Wednesday, Sept 18
  8. steve2wdw

    Starbucks La Boulange line of Bakery Items in the MK yet?

    Our local Starbucks is getting ready to make the switch to the new line of pastries that has been tested in the Northwest....has the new La Boulange bakery items made it to the MK yet, or are they still the same items that debuted in the spring?
  9. steve2wdw

    Out of the Darkness?....A list of WDW "fixes"

    With the recent "fix" of the laser portals in Dinosaur at DAK, could this be the beginning of a trend in repairing our beloved Walt Disney World theme parks? These little fixes, on their own, might not seem to account for much, but if this trend continues, we might finally be seeing some light...
  10. steve2wdw

    Dreams Come Alive and MSEP rebuild

    Just digging around on the ole internet and spotted some new rumors.... New fireworks show...A Davison production called "Dreams Come Alive"...working title A MSEP rebuild requiring Festival of Fantasy to be performed twice daily Also mentioned was the Christmas garland that hangs over Main...
  11. steve2wdw

    Mission Space is Tarp Free

    Looking good.....
  12. steve2wdw

    New trees in Town Square....again

    I noticed that since the taping of Live, with Kelly and Michael, Town Square has replaced the tall, skinny trees in the center of the square, with normal looking, although deciduous, trees. If given the chance, they should grow into nice big shade trees, which the square it definately needs...
  13. steve2wdw

    Your 7 Must-Fixes (in honor of Stacy's 7 Must-Sees) at WDW parks

    For all of you that have stayed at a WDW resort hotel, you're all familiar with Stacy and her Must-See attractions on the in-room Disney Info Channel. Well I thought it would be interesting to get input on the top-seven maintenance/bad show areas or attractions in EACH park at WDW. Everything...
  14. steve2wdw

    LeFou's Brew....the verdict?

    So who out there has tried Gaston's Tavern's Lefou's Brew? On the Butterbeer scale, where does it stand?
  15. steve2wdw

    Magic Kingdom Tuesday Oct 2

    Just a few news notes from Tuesday... Castle lights installation is complete...the crane is gone. The Swan Boat landing is out from behind tarps. The new restroom area near small world is sporting new roofing material. That's it for now...
  16. steve2wdw

    Aunt Polly's gets permit for mechanical work...

    Just read on the permits thread that on July 12, a permit was filed for mechanical work at AP's on TSI. It's for AC work....anything to get excited about, or is the building always air conditioned? Figured that mold and mildew might take over if it wasn't, but just thought I'd throw this tiny...
  17. steve2wdw

    Disneyland Paris Band Organ question....

    Last year, a shop on Main Street USA at Disneyland Paris, was apparently going to be refurb/remodeled, and in the process, was going to have the band organ (featured in the decor) removed. It was reported that the band organ was going to be moved to the Fantasyland Expansion at WDW-assuming the...
  18. steve2wdw

    Casey Jr spurting tonight!

    My daughters are at the Magic Kingdom this evening, and while in Storybook Circus, they noticed that the animals in the Casey Jr Splash and Soak were squirting water everywhere. I asked them to take a photo, but when they went back, the testing seemed to be over. On another note, as they...
  19. steve2wdw

    PHOTO-Fantasy Forest gets more "Forest" Monday, May 7

    The Fantasyland Forest seems to have pine trees nestled along the bottom of the mountains, all the way to the village! Also added some updated Dumbo pics to the "Second Dumbo get Arms" thread!
  20. steve2wdw

    My Dream...one day a week, or a month...Adults Only in the MK

    Can you imagine a day in the MK without any children or strollers? Check out the photo I found from a trip in 1977. Not a child in sight, although I do see a couple of strollers. It looks like there must have been an AARP convention in town :ROFLOL:
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