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  1. Joe

    How do I change font size when reading posts?

    How can I increase the font size of the words in posts that I am reading, not posts that I am creating.
  2. Joe

    Boardwalk Villas coffee maker?

    Staying in a Boardwalk Villas studio next month. What type of coffee maker is in the studio? They haven't switched over to Keurig, have they?
  3. Joe

    CM's and cell phones ?

    Are cast members permitted to have their cell phones with them while working on stage? And if so, are they allowed to be turned on at all times?
  4. Joe

    Seasonal ???

    Just returned home from a week at WDW. Spoke to several cast members regarding seasonal employment. Got differant answers every time. What are the requirements for seasonal employment. How many hours per year.? Is it calendar year or fiscal year? Does the year run Oct 1 to Sept. 30...
  5. Joe

    Disney Research Pittsburgh

    Disney Research Pittsburgh scientists are aiming for human-like robots May 28, 2013 12:14 am 1/1 Anna Bentley Disney Research associate Matthew Glisson hands a bag to a robot during a simulated demonstration at the Disney Research lab on the Carnegie Mellon University campus in Oakland...
  6. Joe

    Seasonal--Minimum hours to start.

    I was thinking about getting hired seasonal at WDW. My problem is that I have only 2 weeks vacation this year. From what I have read is that to start out seasonal you need to work from 4 to 6 weeks to start. Then maybe 40 hours a year after that. I can do the 40 hours a year after getting...
  7. Joe

    AKV started selling today.

    The Disney Vacation Club started selling points at it's newest DVC resort, Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas, today, Feb. 1, 2007. These pre-sales are to current DVC members only. Current members need to call their DVC guide for details.
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