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  1. CTXRover

    2 New Ships to Join DCL Fleet in 2021/2023

    https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/03/disney-planning-two-new-cruise-ships/?CMP=SOC-TWITTER20160303164000 Disney Planning Two New Cruise Ships by Jonathan Frontado, Public Relations Manager, Disney Cruise Line We have some big news to share here at Disney Cruise Line. Actually, the...
  2. CTXRover

    Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Southern Shine by Chef Art Smith

    Another new restaurant announced for Disney Springs: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/restaurants/os-chef-art-smith-restaurant-disney-20151009-story.html The menu is a big part of my ongoing homage to Florida's bygone era," the Florida native said in a prepared statement to be...
  3. CTXRover

    NBA Experience at Disney Springs

    Could be interesting. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/06/nba-experience-at-walt-disney-world-resort-coming-to-disney-springs/ Wonder where this will go.
  4. CTXRover

    Tree of life 'grows' new roots

  5. CTXRover

    I4 spur to Garage and Boathouse confirmed, plus other info...

    I know there has been speculation of a spur/exit from I4 going into the Westside Garage at Disney Springs and some speculation based on recent permits of a Boathouse restaurant coming to The Landing. This was the first time I've seen/heard it officially confirmed though. Both of these were...
  6. CTXRover

    FastPass+ restricted to 1 major attraction at Epcot

    Restrictions on FP+ selections are now being tested at Epcot so you can only book one major attraction and two minor attractions. I looked at the app and it seems to be all dates in November, not just a few As much as a enjoyed FP + with my recent trip, this change seems disappointing unless it...
  7. CTXRover

    Mine train cars have started run throughs

    While at MK today, October 25th, we saw the train cars make a run under their own power. I only saw it happen twice and from the bridge near BOG, but it's looking good. I did take a quick video with my phone as I saw the second one come up the inside of the big lift. My apologies for the...
  8. CTXRover

    Shanghai Disneyland is official..concept art

    Hey all, Just saw the following from Tom Staggs on the Disney Parks blog: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/04/breaking-ground-on-shanghai-disney-resort/ Shanghai Disneyland is now official with some nice concept art. Looks like the castle will be a modified Cinderella's...
  9. CTXRover

    VIDEO: computer fly-through of TLM

    Hey all, Here is an awesome video from Nasa's Information Technology Summit as aired on CSPAN: http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/id/230891 Starting at about 50min 30 sec, Jack Blitch from Walt Disney Imagineering-Vice President and General Manager in Florida discusses the technical...
  10. CTXRover

    Photos/report from Disney's first Mediterranean Cruise

    EDIT: Each day is in a different photo album with a different link that is posted in each of my new posts. For those interested in the full reports, just scroll through the thread. For those interested in just quick links to pictures, I will add them here: Barcelona and Palermo, Sicily...
  11. CTXRover

    WDW 50th anniversary decorations installed at Studios park

    As part of the newly expanded and rethemed animation courtyard section of Walt Disney Studios Paris into Toon Studios, the final touches are appearing. As concept art had shown for the placemaking of this part of the park, the Peter Pan, Wendy and Tinkerbell statues that were seen flying high...
  12. CTXRover

    WDW attendance increases in last quarter/Record Easter period

    According to Disney's latest quarter report, WDW saw a 7 percent increase in attendance, with increases in occupancy in on-property hotels, increased per-room spending and average length of stay, along with increased per-visitor spending. The last quarter was bolstered from the fact that over...
  13. CTXRover

    9 minute Ratatouille preview available on Disney.com

    Disney.com is now showing a 9 minute clip from Ratatouille, which opens June 29th. The Disney-Pixar film looks beautiful once again. I am very excited to see this film after this preview. I can't wait to see Remy as a walk-around character.
  14. CTXRover

    Want a tattoo? Head to Citywalk...

    While I have absolutely no interest in this at all, screamscape is reporting that the Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company will be opening up a new store in Citywalk. Confirmation of this can be seen by going to their website and clicking on a link on their home page to information about...
  15. CTXRover

    Iger is the 2006 winner of MarketWatch's CEO of the Year Award

    Here is an interesting article about Bob Iger and his ability to reform and revitalize the company from ABC to studios to the parks. Its a nice read: Iger wins over Wall Street and Main Street Hopefully, he can continue this track record for years to come. He has certainly proved to be...
  16. CTXRover

    Walt Disney Company reaches highest shareholder value since 5/2001

    It looks like Iger continues to steer the company in the right direction. His actions and words are now translating into improved shareholder value. Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/News/Story/Story.aspx?guid=%7b4910C7E5-F389-4864-9201-2658B949A6E3%7d Walt Disney reaches highest price...
  17. CTXRover

    Mirror is gone, castle painting has started (pics)

    The mirror on the castle is gone, but the brackets are still there. Painting has started on the upper turrets with what looks to be a much darker and glossier blue than before. Definetely much darker since it faded, but from the pics it looks even darker then right after the last rehab. Very...
  18. CTXRover

    Cars: Box Office thread

    Cars opened with an estimated 19.3-19.5 million on Friday according to boxofficemojo.com and showbizdata.com, respectively. For comparison to recent CG animated films on their first Fridays, Chicken Little opened with 10.5 million , Ice Age 2 opened with 21.7 million earlier this year and...
  19. CTXRover

    Meet the Robinson's Teaser Trailer online

    The first trailer for Disney's Meet the Robinson's can now be found at www.disneypictures.com. Click on the Meet the Robinson's icon on the right-hand column and enjoy. Look for the brief shot of Space Mountain and the original Star Jets in "Todayland" :lol: Animation looks pretty good...
  20. CTXRover

    CTX's 4 park misc. update

    Just got back from a great long weekend at WDW with some friends who had never been on Everest before. They absolutely loved it. All 4 of them commented on how "high quality" the ride was...and they aren't as big of Disney nuts as many of us here are. Anyway, I managed to hit all 4 parks. The...
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