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  1. DisneyKid239

    Epcot Hotels

    Like the title says just wondering what everyone’s favorite Epcot hotel is and why?? (And we are not doing any of Vacation Club/swan or dolphin *we stayed at swan/dolphin before and wanted to try a new hotel*) My family and I are planning a trip and wanted to stay at one of the Epcot hotels
  2. DisneyKid239

    Gingerbread Houses

    Hello I was just wondering if you guys know how long they keep the gingerbread displays at the resort up for? I’m going with my family on Friday and wanted to hopefully see them this week, and Also wanted to know how long they keep the Christmas/holiday decorations up for.
  3. DisneyKid239

    Trying New Things

    Since last year I’m always trying to eat at a new place at Disney every time i go, So for my next trip I was wondering if any of you guys have been to Tonys, The Plaza, or Skipper Canteen And which you guys personally like
  4. DisneyKid239

    WDW Hotel Question

    Just curious what everyone’s thoughts were about Disney building more Vacation club resorts? Do you guys feel like they need more or do you guys feel like they need more like moderate value or like deluxe resorts? Just curious about everyone’s opinion was like do you think the different hotel...
  5. DisneyKid239

    Moderate Hotel Help?

    For an upcoming trip this either November or December I wanted to stay at a new moderate hotel that I haven’t been to since I’ve only been to Coronado Springs. So I was wondering if you guys can tell me which is your favorite and why from Caribbean Beach, POR, and POFQ
  6. DisneyKid239

    Upcoming Winter Holiday Trip

    Hello everyone, so I was thinking of going to the parks around the Holiday season since I haven’t actually been for the winter Holiday, For this trip I’m going to go the Christmas party since I haven’t gone yet and want to to check it out once in my life, and my other question was are the other...
  7. DisneyKid239

    Fav park of all parks (INT) and why?

    Was wondering what everyones favorite park is and why?? Just curious to why you guys like a certain park over another and had to squeeze some of them together.
  8. DisneyKid239

    Liberty Square / New Orleans Square Question

    I was wondering out of curiosity if anyone knows why we have a Liberty Square and DL has New Orleans Square? Like is there a real meaning to why they are two different things??
  9. DisneyKid239

    Epcot WS drinks help?

    So I finally turned 21 not too long ago and im gonna be going back to disney and Epcot so I was wondering if you guys could recommended some of the good/must try adult beverages so I can try one or two while im visiting for this trip, thank you!! (also I know to pace myself with drinking)
  10. DisneyKid239

    Disney Legacy CD

    Hello, I was wondering if you guys think for the 50th anniversary for WDW we might get our own Legacy CD like Disneyland got for theirs?? -also if this is in the wrong thread topic please switch it
  11. DisneyKid239

    Hollywood Studios "Show" Help

    So im finally going back to Disney World in March and wanted to see some shows but I wont have enough time for all the ones I want to see and with my plans but I was wondering if you guys could tell of these two shows you guys like better out of Beauty and the Beast and Indiana Jones. The last...
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