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  1. seabreezept813

    In park naps

    We are planning a trip for next August and my baby will be 16 months old. We are used to being park commandos, but obviously need to adjust. There will be 4 adults for one baby so I think she will be in great hands. For those who have traveled with babes, did they nap in the parks or was it...
  2. seabreezept813

    Vacation Planning DVDs

    What happened to these? Is there any way to get Disney to mail you one still? We like to watch as a family, but pulling up their slow website on my tv is a nightmare. Thanks to anyone with insight!
  3. seabreezept813

    Cruise Line questions

    I will start this by saying this is very off topic and anyone can feel free to put it in another thread. I wanted to ask about cruises here because everyone says how great they are in Spirited threads. My husband and I want to see some islands (non zika), stay in a budget, and stay somewhere...
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