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  1. SunsetLament

    WDW Commercial from 1986

    Saw this commercial posted on the website The Retroist (which is a fun nostalgia website, but I digress ...). This is one of the ways that Disney used to market WDW that hasn't been tried in about 20 years. Here's two things you don't see in the entire commercial ... (1) kids, (2) characters*...
  2. SunsetLament

    My Return to WDW after 15 years (pseudo-trip report)

    Typically, I don't really like trip reports. They serve a purpose to be sure, but they aren't really for me. I mostly just look at the photographs. But since it had been 15 years since my last trip to Walt Disney World (Spring of 1998), I thought that people might be interested in some of the...
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