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  1. Jedi Stitch

    Which movie is the "Sha La La" song from?

    My wife has a Disney compellation she listens to at the day care she works at. On this compellation is a "Sha La La" song from the Carpenters. She knows there is Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid, but she is wondering if there is an older classic Disney Movie the song might be from?
  2. Jedi Stitch

    My trip to Disneyland Aug24th-27th, Where I was almost too fat for Universal

    Myself, my wife L, and my 12 yr old daughter A fly from SeaTac in Seattle to John Wayne in Orange County. Nice flight, no problems. Got our baggage, and I got my picture in front of the John Wayne statue. Went out to the bus area to catch the Disney Magical Express. Lucked out that our hotel...
  3. Jedi Stitch

    How much pre planning do I need?

    It has been since 2008 since I last have been to the DLR. I know things have changed from the 80',90' and 00', but how much? I took the fam to WDW in '16, had the time of our lives. I did find out I had to plan out days at parks, rides, ADR, and general pandemonium. It used to be at Disneyland...
  4. Jedi Stitch

    Must be getting old or I just don't understand the youth today

    I'm 42. I know I was brought up understanding the value of a dollar. I also was taught not to waste, Respect, finish what I start, you know the typical mantra of what many would say is being brought up right. The weekend before Labor day, I had taken my daughter camping. I decided to not sit in...
  5. Jedi Stitch

    That moment that nearly ruined the magic

    Many of you probably have had that moment that nearly killed the magic. I have been to DLR tons of times, but our first WDW trip was in 2016. We are not wise in the ways of the WDW force. When we checked in we really could have used a how to seminar. We had used our DP at the ASMo food court...
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