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  1. RSD Part Deux

    New limited time show at Theater of the Stars in place of Beauty and the Beast

    It has been replaced with “Disney Society Orchestra”. The new show starts today .
  2. RSD Part Deux

    POTC - Live Actors

    This was news to me, as I have never seen it before - there were live actors in the lineup for PoTC. They was a Jack Sparrow in the big room where the standby and fastpass lines merged. He would pop in to the openings and scare guests and then interact with them.
  3. RSD Part Deux

    Monitor Info Guides

    I didn’t see this anywhere else. At MK today I saw them installing large monitors in enclosures. Most were in the process of being setup. One was operational near Swiss Treehouse. It had a times guide, and I think wait times. If no one else does, I’ll get photos this week.
  4. RSD Part Deux

    News Cast Member Killed in Accident

    In what was described as an “industrial accident”. This happened this morning. More details to come.
  5. RSD Part Deux

    News Tickets with Pre Selected Fast Passes

    Disney is now selling tickets that come preloaded with fast pass selections on them. More details to come.
  6. RSD Part Deux

    News Fantasmic Float Missing

    Twice this week the float with Belle and Beast has been missing. I don’t know if this is permanent or not but seems really odd. Especially since there is a backup float backstage that is to be used for faulty floats.
  7. RSD Part Deux

    Wait times do reflect attendance

    I have been at WDW the past month. I typically snowbird every year this time of year. The wait times have been really bad. However the parks are not overly busy. The reason for the disparity is the staffing. Things have been cut. For example POTC had. 45 minute wait the final two hours of the...
  8. RSD Part Deux

    Extra MK Hour

    The MK was supposed to close at 8p tonight. They just made an announcement that select attractions were remaining open till 9p to ease congestion on the transportation services.
  9. RSD Part Deux

    Viking Meet and Greet

    Yesterday they had a Viking hanging around the church in Norway. He was a face character and really in character. He was mean and grumpy and just grunted. He posed for pics. He was very atmospheric style. Lots of fun!
  10. RSD Part Deux

    Beaches and Cream renovation.

    B&C is getting a renovation. They are moving the to go counter inside the arcade to make room form more seating in the dining room.
  11. RSD Part Deux

    Ellen's Energy Adventure film question.

    I thought the last time UOE got an update was 2005. Something that bothers me though is the fly over the Hoover Dam (at least I assume it's the Hoover). They show the Tillman Bridge which wasn't finished until 2010. Did they reshoot this scene or am I wrong with my timelines?
  12. RSD Part Deux

    Wait times on MDEx are gone?

    A new update just came out and it appears wait times are gone. Maybe they only activate when you are in the park? I loved checking them even though o was 1000's of miles away.
  13. RSD Part Deux

    BLT - Magical Express

    Very small news/rumor: Disney Magical Express is going to begin testing very soon, having the DME make a stop at the BLT. Currently, they share the stop with the Contemperary.
  14. RSD Part Deux

    News New security measures

    New security measures will be implemented over the next 12 months at all parks. Soon you will be walking thru giant scanners. Additionally toy guns will no longer be sold and masks will be prohibited for those 14 and over at all times. There will also be more uniformed presence.
  15. RSD Part Deux

    Fireworks at Epcot after hours.

    I'm staying at bonnet creek and watching a late night fireworks show at Epcot. It started at 10:30p and ran 15 mins. It definitely wasn't Illuminations. Any ideas of what it was?
  16. RSD Part Deux

    Crescent Lake boat service service temporary suspended

    All the boat service on Crescent lake has been suspended temporarily. The water level is way too high for safe service. They can't fit under the bridges safely nor are the docks sitting in a safe position. This is the first time since 2005 this has happened. They don't expect service to resume...
  17. RSD Part Deux

    Police on buena vista drive

    Last night all along Buena Vista drive from Caribbean. Beach resort to the studios, there were police cruisers at every intersection. They had their emergency lights on. There were about 1-4 cruisers for approximately 5 consecutive intersections. This was going on from 4p till around 9 very odd.
  18. RSD Part Deux

    New Magic Express Video

    The DME busses are playing a new video. It seemed like a downgrade to me. At first I thought it was an old one. I quickly realized it was a new one. It's pretty much a tutorial for FP+ and My Disney App. There is a new narrator. Gone are the short cartoons at the end. Now it simply loops if it...
  19. RSD Part Deux

    Magicbands for those Outside United States

    So after quite some time with the phone reps, we solved the following problem... After checking in online I could customize MBs and make FP+ resos. However, when getting to the confirm shipping address in the MB portion online, I would get an error message. It clearly states that if you live...
  20. RSD Part Deux

    POLY DVC no longer just a rumor.

    Permits were filed with the state a couple of weeks ago for the Poly-next DVC resort.
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