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  1. Notes from Neverland

    Yacht Club - Scaffolding and Exterior Work

    Disney's Yacht Club Resort has a ton of exterior construction going on the past few days. Good amount of scaffolding and Cherry Pickers working on a variety of things. Forgot to grab a photo, but a heads up to guests staying at Yacht as it was real loud.
  2. Notes from Neverland

    Best car service from MCO to Disney World?

    Does anyone have any reviews about the car and shuttle services (not Uber/Lyft) currently offered between Orlando Airport and Walt Disney World? We've used Magical Express exclusively in the past, but we're exploring options with that being phased out and Mears Connect lacking any details at...
  3. Notes from Neverland

    News Structure built in Kilimanjaro Safaris?

    Does anyone know what the new structure is that's going into Kilimanjaro Safaris? https://blogmickey.com/2020/08/new-themed-structure-under-construction-at-kilimanjaro-safaris-in-disneys-animal-kingdom/
  4. Notes from Neverland

    Best place to watch MK's July 3 fireworks?

    Hello all! We're going to brave the insanity and try to watch the Magic Kingdom's July 3 fireworks show. We have passes to the park, but we've been unsuccessful in trying to book any kind of dessert parties, or special events. So, where's the best place to watch without having to stake down a...
  5. Notes from Neverland

    Best time of day for Keys to the Kingdom?

    We are planning on taking the Keys to the Kingdom tour on July 3, but we're not sure which time of day is the best for the tour. We're torn between 8am and the 10am for a variety of reasons. Does anyone have any input on the different times of day for the tours? We had heard earlier might be...
  6. Notes from Neverland

    Indiana Jones stunt show update?

    The site that can't be named is reporting the Indiana Jones stunt show will be updated for the 50th anniversary, debuting in 2021. Any insiders here (looking at the always awesome @marni1971) able to confirm?
  7. Notes from Neverland

    Pump bottle toiletries on Disney Cruise Line

    It looks like a smaller version of the pump bottle toiletries were spotted on the Disney Dream. Sounds like a very recent change. Guessing it is only a matter of time until all of the ships are using these...
  8. Notes from Neverland

    Disney Cruise Line named the company with the best customer service

    Saw a post about Disney Cruise Line being named the company with the best overall customer service. I'm not sure how some of these companies can be compared, but I fully agree that DCL does a great job. The wait staff alone does such a great job that DCL deserves to be on the list. My hope is...
  9. Notes from Neverland

    Trip Report Wilderness Lodge, Halloween and a pre-Hurricane exit

    Hello everyone! We just got back from a trip that went from 8/31 through 9/6 at Wilderness Lodge and I thought I'd offer a trip report for those interested in staying updated on the happenings at Disney World. I'll be talking summer heat, Halloween party, club level at WL, Food & Wine, Pandora...
  10. Notes from Neverland

    Tips for staying club level

    Hello! I've been pricing out some different trips and I keep drifting back to the idea of staying at one of the resorts on the club level. Are there any tips and tricks to maximize this experience? It seems like the obvious savings could be going club and then cutting out some other meals, but...
  11. Notes from Neverland

    Disney mechanical issues and mishaps

    Recently returned from about a week stay at Disney and encountered so many issues with things breaking down and mishaps that I couldn't resist this thread. Magic Kingdom was hit really hard on this past Saturday, with Mine Train and Space Mountain going down for a significant amount of time...
  12. Notes from Neverland

    Yacht Club Room Renovations

    Does anyone have info on how long the Yacht Club room renovations are supposed to last? I saw one that said they'd be done in 2017 (real vague) and another which said January or February 2017. Just curious if any information is out there or if there's any images of what the updated rooms will...
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