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  1. Green Fox

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    Much of the Magic Kingdom is really level 2 due to the utilidors, so yes, going upstairs is "more Disney."
  2. Green Fox

    News Figment Survey Questions are Back, But with very different/tricky wording!

    I think that is what people are saying here. I'm not reading any of the comments and thinking that anyone is seriously requesting that they pull out the original 1980s construction blueprints and restore the building to be exactly like it was on opening day. I loved the original upstairs...
  3. Green Fox

    News FastPass+ comes to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    When Disney makes significant changes like this (or extends park hours), do they send out notices to people who already have FP+ booked, or do they just have to stumble upon the change in MDE or a website?
  4. Green Fox

    Brightline/Virgin Trains USA

    Are these issues significantly worse with the DME and other routes operated by Mears? I can understand why Disney would want to make it somebody else's problem to own and operate a bus fleet. But doesn't Disney own and operate the park to park, park to hotel, and other on-site routes? It...
  5. Green Fox

    Brightline/Virgin Trains USA

    Why couldn't Disney get rid of Mears now, if they wanted? I could understand why a company like Disney might not want to bother with running their own bus system at all, but the combination of a Disney owned/operated bus system between parks and hotels and a system run by Mears for the airport...
  6. Green Fox

    Sharing unused FP+ within my party

    If I have 6 people in my party, and we all get FP+ for a given attraction at the same time, but only 4 of the people decide they actually want to go on the ride, can 2 of the people use the FP+ again for this ride (assuming there is still time left in the window after going the first time)...
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