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  1. Ironically Humorous

    Holding your hands up in the air on Space Mountain

    I thought I was going crazy, but I put my hands up and touched the ceiling during the tunnel too, and I swore I got shocked. I can also put my hands up and touch the red "wormhole" tunnel. I'm also 5'11" btw.
  2. Ironically Humorous

    Disney to pay $3.8 million to park workers charged for their costumes

    Well, they did this. There's no questioning it, really. Are you boycotting?
  3. Ironically Humorous

    Should Disney remove or alter the "Bride auction scene" from POTC?

    Disney would receive most likely lose more money by removing it than they would because they kept it. So no, they should keep it.
  4. Ironically Humorous

    no 24hr party this year?

    I remember the very first one back in 2012. You'd think that maybe it wasn't as bad when they first did it, or that it would get better over the years. Nope. 2012 was horrible. This was before FP+, so the paper FP's had run out by 7 PM. Almost every single restaurant and food cart was closed, so...
  5. Ironically Humorous

    FEBRUARY Never Again!!!!!!!!!

    Just read through the thread. Nevermind.
  6. Ironically Humorous

    FEBRUARY Never Again!!!!!!!!!

    You're trying way too hard. I haven't read through this thread yet, but I'm sure no one would fall for this really obvious bait. Put some more effort into it next time.
  7. Ironically Humorous

    Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans

    Walt was one of the most patriotic guys out there, so I guess he probably was part of the reason for the massive amount of patriotism in the parks. Plus, patriotism is just more present in America than in many other countries.
  8. Ironically Humorous

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Most Millennials have grown up around tech and trust it, and as evidenced by celebrities dying en masse in 2016, I'm guessing baby boomers won't be the market they'll be going for with self-driving cars. I don't think trust will be a problem.
  9. Ironically Humorous

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Sorry if this has been asked many times before, I don't really feel like reading 75 pages of this thread right now, so can anyone tell me if there are any updates so far about what this attraction could be?
  10. Ironically Humorous

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    The tech is definitely there and could be mass produced. The actual problem right now is that our entire infrastructure of roads would need to be redesigned for self-driving cars.
  11. Ironically Humorous

    Steven Tyler No Longer "Loves" That Idea, He Only "Likes" It

  12. Ironically Humorous

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    Well, that source and another, Mr. Martin, who is a very good source from what I've seen, has all but confirmed it. I don't see why not to take it and run with it.
  13. Ironically Humorous

    Google's EPCOT

    http://www.techinsider.io/google-city-imagining-a-city-from-the-internet-up-2016-4 I know this doesn't have much to do with Disney, but I thought some people would be interested in Google's plan for a city with the most up-to-date technologies built into it, which looks surprisingly close to...
  14. Ironically Humorous

    New D-Zone relaxation area coming to Epcot next week

    I just skimmed through the thread, so I'm not 100% sure if this has been mentioned or asked before, but does anyone know if they've done anything about the horrible smell back there? The area seems nice, but I just can't stand the smell for more than a few minutes.
  15. Ironically Humorous

    Pokemon Go in Disney World

    "Everyone who plays Pokemon Go is anti-social and I am superior to them for not playing it, please pay attention to me."
  16. Ironically Humorous

    Pokemon Go in Disney World

    Well, considering the 9.5 million DAILY players of the game, the fact that a few of them will fall into a lake is expected. It's just your perception and anecdotal "evidence" that makes you think everyone is tripping over themselves because of this game. Also, my sales pitch ISN"T weak for...
  17. Ironically Humorous

    Pokemon Go in Disney World

    Well, first off, I think geocaches would be either found by CMs and thrown away, or taken by inconsiderate guests. Also, you don't have to stare at your phone all day for Pokemon Go. It notifies you if there are any Pokemon nearby, so there's no need. Plus, Pokemon Go is free, and has way more...
  18. Ironically Humorous

    Pokemon Go in Disney World

    Even if that unlikely scenario were to happen, I doubt that would cease all use of Pokemon Go. Disney can't tell you what apps you can have on your phone, and they're definitely not gonna ban phones, especially because of MDE. So people would obviously keep playing it.
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