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  1. Walrus from Paris

    D23 - What a joke.

    There was no Christmas at all this time. NOT EVEN ONE GIFT. It was all public information about the extremely lackluster Marvel Land. Got some awful concept art? "DISNEY IS AMAZING." Pathetic. Same goes for EPCOT, what we got a few new names? WHO CARES. The same bloggers taking photos of their...
  2. Walrus from Paris

    Rumor Lighthouse Point Resort to be announced at D23

    Hello again! To clear some things up from the other threads (and for further discussion), the secret D23 announcement is in fact related to Lighthouse Point and the announcement of the Aulani-style resort. "You've always wanted to stay at Castaway Cay, well now you can!" will be a running joke...
  3. Walrus from Paris

    Rumor Figment, well, to be replaced by Figment

    Hey guys, I have some really exciting news. I figure it needed it's own thread since it's separate to the current one about Inside Out, and both could happen in some way. Figment is a serious contender for the reImagination of the pavilion. The budget remains from previous proposals, and I am...
  4. Walrus from Paris

    Rumor New ride coming to Animal Kingdom. D23 announcement expected.

    Internally, Disney has worried about the third (or fourth:facepalm:) Universal park. This ride is not a knee-jerk reaction to Uni’s prideful announcement a few days ago, but a thought-out plan to continue to bolster up the resort—corporate espionage is golden my friends. It’s pretty much a go...
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