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  1. jeffnheather

    News Primeval Whirl, Stitch's Great Escape and Rivers of Light permanently closed

    Joining the discussion 28 pages in. 🙋‍♂️ Would a total re-theme to Central America work (we have Asia and Africa)? The jungle-ish foliage is there, especially around Cretaceous Trail. Re-theme Dinosaur to the Indy ride, turn Restaurant-o-saurus into the Adventurers Club, make the Boneyard into...
  2. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    Thinking of all the wonderful Bahamians during the current weather and remembering our amazing time there.
  3. jeffnheather

    Awesome DCL Castmembers...

    Adolfo at Palo on the Dream was AMAZING!
  4. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    View from our balcony on the Dream:
  5. jeffnheather

    News Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy (New Show for 2019)

    I like Voyage of the Little Mermaid (nostalgia & memories), but I LOVE the idea of Moana going in there!
  6. jeffnheather

    Just for fun.... You have the chance to work any job in WDW, what would you like to do??

    This is really interesting! My reply was going to be 'Teaching Traditions'. I was a CM in Merchantainment at DAK and loved going through Traditions. My 'Day Job' has been a teacher for over a decade, so teaching Traditions would be my #1 'Dream Job'. Once that year is up, I'd have to pick...
  7. jeffnheather

    Castaway Cay Activites

    We didn't do the snorkeling, but we still saw a turtle and two rays while we waded around in the water at Serenity Bay.
  8. jeffnheather

    Pump bottle toiletries on Disney Cruise Line

    This is what we had in November on the Dream. I think if guests took the whole pump bottle(s), they would charge them for the cost like they used to do for the propeller clocks that used to be on the Magic and Wonder. Like everyone else, though, I don't know how they would prevent tampering. 😬
  9. jeffnheather

    20 year anniversary cruise???

    It's not weird at all! Wife and I did it to celebrate our anniversary and as others have already said, there is an abundance of adults-only activities!
  10. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

  11. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    None of my friends understand why a bathroom would make me happy....
  12. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    This makes me want to take this photo on our next cruise, but have us on it and someone else take the photo! It would take a little coordinating, but seems very do-able!
  13. jeffnheather

    Weird cake of the day question

    I asked our room-service service and our Mousekeeper at the end of our trip in November and neither of them knew.
  14. jeffnheather

    DCL Picture Of The Day

    Castaway Cay
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