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  1. brodie999

    Big Hero 6 Possibly Finally About To Debut in the MCU

    Wow... according to this rumour from the DisInsider, characters from the Big Hero 6 franchise will be introduced in the MCU. Hopefully, this means all of the members from the Disney film roster will appear in either their own MCU film or Disney+ series after Hiro and Baymax debuting in Agents of...
  2. brodie999

    Celebrities Being Vaccinated.

    In light of recent news that Ian McKellen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Martin, Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew got the vaccine for COVID-19, who will be next to receive it? My thoughts are that it will be someone like Michael Gambon or Bill Murray. They're both senior citizens. They should be...
  3. brodie999

    US Cinemas Are Reopening Slowly.

    Just 45 minutes ago, I read about US cinemas reopening in 200 places after months of the shutdowns from the Coronavirus. While this may not be the time for reopening, more and more people will start to realise that it's not a bad thing by following the preventive measures. Fingers crossed that...
  4. brodie999

    Spider-Man TV Shows May Be Coming To Disney Plus With Silver & Black.

    During a recent TV interview with The Hollywood Reporter, original director Gina Prince-Bythewood was asked about what became of the project and she stated "Now there's a thought of "Hey, maybe we put it on Disney+ as a limited series", but I loved it more as a film with the two of them. So my...
  5. brodie999

    If the Marvel Creative Committee was never formed.

    The Marvel Creative Committee might have screwed up some of the MCU's worst films, but I feel like if they were never formed and Kevin Feige reported to Alan F. Horn right after Marvel was bought by Disney, it would've made some of them like Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 2 much better...
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