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    new lens debate

    So I currently have a D3100 with Nikon 18-55 "kit lens" Nikon 55-200 4-5.6 VR Nikon 35 1.8g I've been saving up a bit to buy another lens, and with that there is always a debate on wants and needs. So I really would like to get a wide lens. The one i was looking at is the new Tokina...
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    So what's your bag preference for WDW?

    I'm currently debating on which style bag I should get for when we go to WDW. So I thought what a great topic to put up on wdwmagic STYLES Sling shoulder bag backpack belt <o:p></o:p> What to Look For Comfort (portability (getting in out of rides) size of bag (again getting in out...
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    Hollywood Hills Amphitheater-Secret?

    Hi All, Just returned from my wonderful trip. First time visiting Fantasmic with only two night per week. WOW! That is a lot of people. We waited for the 10:00PM show and watched all of the people come out of the 8:30 show. We were at the rope and asked a couple different CMs how many...
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    Online Check-In Question - Help

    Hey all. We are leaving in 8 days and I would like to check-in online. The problem lies in the fact that we have two rooms under two reservation numbers. My MIL previously spoke with a CM while calling about something else and she asked if we could use online checkin and request rooms that...
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    Help with Online Dining Reservations

    Hi Everyone. I have been searching around the Disney website this morning and cannot find where I can cancel ADRs and look up my reservation with the confirmation number. Can someone tell me where to go??? I'm usually not this clueless but it's Monday I guess :p
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    SW Deals for folks in WI/IL

    Hi Everyone--Just a heads up that Southwest has $35 one way ticket sale going on for a couple days leaving from Milwaukee. Has to be direct flights though. It's in celebration of Southwest coming to Milwaukee starting 11/1. I was very tempted to add another trip but since I'm going in...
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    How's everyones ADR's doing 4 Free Dining?

    Since we are all around the 90 day point for those that are visiting during free dining I was curious to see how everyone is doing on their ADRs. I know that my plans had to be moved around to get certain places and I'm curious to see what restaurants everyone likes to go to. Post your...
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    Tutto Italia Question

    Hi Everybody, I have a question regarding Tutto Italia's menu. I was looking at the menu at AllEars and it is hard to interpret all of their entrees. For all of you folks who have been there, do they have a fettuchini alfredo or chicken parmesian? (Pardon my spelling) Thanks in Advance !
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    Le Cellier Menu

    Hi all, I was just looking at the Le Cellier menu on allears.net and it appears to have been updated in March. It looks like none of the meals are served with the cream cheese mashed potatoes. Can anyone confirm this? If so I am going to be soooo sad, those mashed potatoes were so yummy. :slurp:
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    Hoop Dee Doo Revue or P&P Party

    Hi all, my hubby and I will be down in the world Memorial week and were trying to decide what would be the best choice for us. We are trying to decide between going to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue or Pirates and Princess Party. Any opinions for us as we will not have any children with us?
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    Hoop Dee Doo 9:30 Show

    Hi all, I just booked the Hoop Dee Doo Revue from my upcoming trip and it is the 9:30 showing. Has anyone done this recently? I was wondering if the food is still good at that time (not cold). And when does the show let out? Any info would be appreciated. :wave:
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    Resort Mugs

    Hi All, I couldn't find any recent information about the resort mugs. Are they still the YOMD mugs as last year? I'm hoping for a new design this year.
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    Magical Dreams really all that random?

    Hi all just got back from a great trip at the world. I just wanted to open up for discussion the whole Magical dreams thing. Here is my experience--we were waiting for the magical express to pick us up yesterday afternoon with 3 other groups, it was the two of us, another couple and two other...
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    Anyone use Airborne?

    Hi everyone, I'm leaving tomorrow for vacation and was wondering if any of you use Airborne before getting on the plane. Is it effective in keeping the cold and flu bug away??? Otherwise do you take anything else before or during flight? I want to feel top notch for my long anticipated...
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    Moderate Resorts Question

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the moderate resorts have frozen blue drink in the cafeteria areas that you can get with your refillable mug. Crazy question I know -but my fiance loved that he could get this at Pop Century and I wanted to book our upcoming trip in one of...
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