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  1. cslafferty

    Getting to the parks from Ft Wilderness

    Have been going to WDW for YEARS, but this is our first time staying at the Fort. All of our other trips we have only used Disney transportation because we didn’t have a car. This time we will. I know we can take the ferry to MK, but is it better/faster to drive to the other parks or take the...
  2. cslafferty

    Is the Magic Band selection going to get any better?

    Not only is the selection in MDE bad, but it’s not much better on Disney Store.com either. Are they having supply issues or are they just not going to carry many?
  3. cslafferty

    Magic Band vs Apple watch

    Curious to hear from those who have tried using your Apple Watch in place of a Magic Band. Does it work as well as Disney says it should? Trying to minimize my he amount of “bands” I need to wear!
  4. cslafferty

    Do we still need park reservations when back to full capacity??

    Chapek mentioned being back to full capacity by fall. There has also been much speculation that park reservations will continue well into 2022. I understand the need for park reservations while limiting capacity, but why would this need to continue once they’re back to full capacity? I really...
  5. cslafferty

    Disney Magic is alive and well!

    My husband, sister and I just returned from our WDW trip Dec 8-14. We had been planning it for over a year. On Nov 8 our 30yr old daughter, who suffered from lung disease, was hospitalized with double pneumonia. She passed away on Nov 22. Now, my first instinct was to cancel the trip. However...
  6. cslafferty

    Paying for room only reservation ahead of check in

    Never had a room only reservation before, and I understand the balance isn’t due until check in. I would like to pay in full before I arrive. Will they let me do that and should I call Disney’s main line or the resort directly?
  7. cslafferty

    Ways of prepaying for food other than the dining plan?

    We have done the dining plan in the past. DH loves it - he loves that everything is already paid for before the trip even begins; no credit card bills after we get home and no need to bring lots of cash. But, I have crunched the numbers and it’s cheaper for us NOT to do the DDP. I’m wondering if...
  8. cslafferty

    Candlelight Processional Dining Package

    Reservations start today, July 3rd - any idea what time? I’m trying to make reservations online and it keeps saying they’re unable to check for availability at this time, please try again later.
  9. cslafferty

    2019 Candlelight Processional

    Anyone know when they start announcing narrators? I have about a month before I can make ADRs and would like to get an idea which nights we’ll be in which parks. Thanks!
  10. cslafferty

    Military Discounted tickets and MDE

    My husband and I are taking my sister to WDW Dec. 8-14. She is a military widow, and can get the special promo 5 day military passes. We already have a room only reservation at CR. My question is will we be able to link those passes to MDE in order to do FP reservations? We also want to add DDP...
  11. cslafferty

    CBR Buses

    What is the order of the bus stops at CBR? This is our first stay there, and I've read that the main complaint is the buses because the resort is so large. We will be in a pirate room and am wondering if that is one of the first or one of the last stops. Would it be worth it to walk to a...
  12. cslafferty

    New color on castle spires?

    Another fan site posted pics of some of the castle spires being painted silver. They said they asked 3 different cast members if they were changing the color of the spires, and got 3 different answers: 1) Yes, they were; 2) Just repainting- they use silver as a base coat and then blue on top...
  13. cslafferty

    Holiday Wishes Dessert Party

    http://www.insidethemagic.net/2016/06/holiday-wishes-fireworks-dessert-party-at-walt-disney-world-now-available-for-reservations/ It says that there is a special parade viewing on Main Street. Any ideas where this would be?
  14. cslafferty

    Three Broomsticks or Leaky Cauldron?

    First trip to WWoHP. Just wondering where to eat. I figure the food will be very similar; does one have a better atmosphere than the other?
  15. cslafferty

    ME for 2 different families on same reservation from different flights

    We are vacationing with my sister, who is meeting us at WDW. We are flying in from Michigan and she is flying in from Tennessee. I made the reservation, and I have linked her MDE account to the reservation. My question is: will all of the travel info and magic bands be sent to me, or can I...
  16. cslafferty

    2016 Candlelight Processional

    When do they typically start announcing dates/narrators? I know it's early, but I would like to get an idea before the 180 day mark. We all know that advanced planning is a must nowadays!
  17. cslafferty

    MNSSHP and MVMCP 2016 prices released

    Was going to go to MVMCP during our Dec trip, but I'm not paying $99/per person. I'm out. Tickets now on sale for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
  18. cslafferty

    2 separate households on the same reservation

    Please forgive me if this has already been addressed elsewhere. My DH and I will be meeting my sister at WDW in Dec. I made the reservations for the 3 of us, and we will be sharing a room. She has her own MDE account and I have linked her account to our reservation. Will she be able to link her...
  19. cslafferty

    Wishes for short people!

    My DH and I LOVE Wishes (got engaged during Wishes on the beach at the Poly!). We have found our favorite spot to view them is about half way from the end of Main St. to the hub, right in front of the castle. One problem for me is getting stuck behind taller adults - I'm 5' 3", which is...
  20. cslafferty

    Linking 2 Disney accounts to the same trip

    *If there is already a thread addressing this, please direct me to it! My sister is accompanying DH and myself to WDW this Dec. I made the reservations through my Disney Experience account. She also has an account and i was wondering if there is a way for me to link her account to our...
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