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  1. ToyStoryMiss

    Promotional Poster from Live! Legend of the Lion King

    Hello all! (I’m honesty quite sure that this will be moved to another thread, but as I have no idea where else to post this, here it shall be.) I have recently acquired a promotional poster that was used in the Magic Kingdom in 1994 for the show Live! Legend of the Lion King. This was not for...
  2. ToyStoryMiss

    News PhotoPass at some character locations being replaced by automated cameras

    I’ve heard from a few sources that PhotoPass photographers are going to be taken out from character locations in favour of automated cameras due to( you guessed it!) budget cuts. Apparently it’s supposed to start with Tinker Bell on the 26th/27th. I know it’s still just a rumor at this point...
  3. ToyStoryMiss

    Rude Guest-Character Interactions

    Hi! :) Have you ever witnessed any bad guest-character interactions? I have seen quite a few in past trips and it makes me wonder how people can be so awful to characters. One that comes to mind happened around 2-3 years ago, at the Crystal Palace, to poor Eeyore. A family 2 tables away from...
  4. ToyStoryMiss

    Mouse Gear/Club Cool Smell?

    Hi! Has anyone noticed that foul smell when you enter both Club Cool and Mouse Gear? It's present every year that I go and I was wondering..what is it? Does anyone know? They should really fix whatever is causing it, because it is quite horrible and honestly detracts from the "experience", if...
  5. ToyStoryMiss

    The Grey Stuff?

    Hi! :) I was wondering, can you get the Grey stuff as a "snack" on the dining plan? I really want to try it on my upcoming September trip, but I don't exactly want to eat there (I dislike the menu).
  6. ToyStoryMiss

    Silver spires??

    It's been a while since I've posted! Hello again :) I'm currently in WDW now (actually waiting for dinner at Chef Mickey's), and yesterday I noticed something at MK.. I saw a lot of construction workers painting some of the blue castle spires silver, and I was wondering if anyone knows why...
  7. ToyStoryMiss

    Hiro and Baymax still in Hollywood Studios?

    Hello! I haven't posted something on here in months..:eek: I was wondering, are Hiro and Baymax still in Hollywood Studios? I really hope they are. I'm not going to WDW until September, so hopefully they're still there by then. I'd think it unfair of Disney to take them out after only 6 months...
  8. ToyStoryMiss

    Cannellonis at Tony's.

    Hiya, everybody! :joyfull: As the title says above (clever, right?), I've been wanting to know about the cannellonis at Tony's Town Square Restaurant. As I am a vegetarian (or rather, Piscatarian, as I eat seafood), I noticed it said it had a mixture of ground beef and sausage. So, as I saw...
  9. ToyStoryMiss

    Stuffed Animals

    Hello! My, this is my first thread in a long time..:happy: I wanted to ask..do any of you collect stuffed animals? I wanna see if I'm not the only one. I counted my dolls and noticed that I have around 50. And that's just on my bed! I have more somewhere.. I also counted the ones I got last...
  10. ToyStoryMiss

    Ever seen children misbehave with characters?

    Hello Everybody! I haven't been doing much on here for a while. (I apologize, I've been very busy lately) So I have decided to make a thread because of past experiences, especially what happened on the last trip. We've probably all have dealt with misbehaving children, but when they are with...
  11. ToyStoryMiss

    Pulled Pork back at the Crystal Palace?

    Yes, yes, I know, you're probably saying ":eek: SHE EATS MEAT AGAIN? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!" But no, I have not. I shall remain a vegetarian till I die. :p This is a question for my parents, because they LOVED the pulled pork there. Then it went away. :confused: And since the Disney Site has...
  12. ToyStoryMiss

    Mickey Mouse Cartoons.

    I absolutely LOVE watching the old cartoons from the 20's and 30's. They're so good, and it gives me that old Walt feeling..:happy: For anyone that's been to the Cape May Cafe, remember that little spot that plays some old cartoons where the kids sit? Yeah, I've been sitting in that spot ever...
  13. ToyStoryMiss

    Magical Express music.

    I can't wait to hear that music again..taking the Magical Express to WDW is the best. Leaving..not so much. I love that video that plays every time..with all the characters checking in to their resort. It's so great to watch it, knowing we'll be checking in to ours soon. I also found this to get...
  14. ToyStoryMiss

    New Test Track?

    Hello! :joyfull: What's the new Test Track like? Since we have 34 days left (yeah, the stuff came earlier! The luggage tags and vouchers and everything! :D I felt like a Pokemon on crack when I saw it!), I would like to know how it works. I'm currently watching the updated version of Ultimate...
  15. ToyStoryMiss

    Has anyone read the Kingdom Keepers?

    Hello! :happy: I am currently reading the Kingdom Keepers series, (on the 4th book!) and I wanted to know..has anyone else read the series? It's a good adventure series, and it's based in Disney (BONUS), plus it features some good ol' Disney Characters. i.e. The Overtakers (Disney Villains), and...
  16. ToyStoryMiss

    Teppan Edo

    Hello again! :joyfull: So, next year, if we go (LET'S HOPE!), I want to try Teppan Edo. I'm a big fan of most things Japanese (just not the eyeball licking..:hungover:), and I want to go here. Is there food any good? Particularly their sushi..I've never had sushi before, I want to try it. Yet...
  17. ToyStoryMiss

    Funniest/Weirdest/Scariest character moments.

    I got an inspiration to make this from a YouTube video of a Disney Cruise Ship. Hello! :joyfull: Well, I saw a video on YouTube of the characters doing their little opening show and all that...and, well, they had an accident. When Mickey was walking around, and he did some little dance...and...
  18. ToyStoryMiss

    Favorite Disney Villain?

    I'm back with another! Also, by favorite, it either means actual favorite (if you're on the dark side..muahahaha), or villains that make you wee yourself/scare your socks off. Let me knowwwww! :joyfull: Personally, mine is either Frollo or Gaston. I guess it's because that I know that there...
  19. ToyStoryMiss

    Favorite Disney Prince?

    Ah, the Disney Princes.. :D All of us females (and maybe some males..never know :happy:) grew up with a crush on some of the princes, i.e. the 3 originals, or some of the later-borns like Eric and Aladdin, Beast, etc. So tell me...who's your favorite prince? Even though I was a later born, my...
  20. ToyStoryMiss

    Embarrassing moments at Disney!

    Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't made a thread in 750 years, but I haven't had any time lately. I have to read 20 books, get ready for WDW (43 DAYS!), etc. So, I decided to make a thread about embarrassing moments. Yes, I know people have made some of these already (please don't put me in any...
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