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  1. britain

    Not making dining reservations, madness?

    Cramming a quick trip in this coming Monday and Tuesday. I need to show my kids WDW before Genie+ ruins it all. Are dining reservations really required?
  2. britain

    Speculation Spectacular!

    The purpose of this thread is to enjoy the recent announcement. How often do we get to speculate on a blue sky scale that Disney has tacitly endorsed?This is NOT a thread for discussing the likelihood of the revealed expansion plans.
  3. britain

    'Inclusive' Haunted Mansion - Good thing?

    Let me start off by saying I think the Mansion is fine as is. But I also think that the Mansion was fine as was in 1969 / 1971. It's probably been tinkered with more than any other attraction. So any further revisions are keeping with the spirit of the Mansion (ha ha). Now, specifically...
  4. britain

    WDI Shake Up

    Well, I doubt he'd get a promotion if they thought he dropped the ball on Galaxy Edge.
  5. britain


    How to delete this superfluous thread!?
  6. britain

    Piano Guys at Pandora

    Had to post this - awesome video. And, to name drop just a bit, Steve (cello) and I were schoolmates from kindergarten through high school!
  7. britain

    Rumor Fantasyland Expansion

    Discussion of recent FL rumors in the Tomorrowland thread prompted the creation of this thread. Recent rumors include Fab's article on Rat Chat which vaguely states that Beauty and the Beast is going into the Motorboat/Autopia area, and that Frozen is not happening anytime soon.
  8. britain

    WDC 2019 Investor Day Presentation

  9. britain

    Don't know if you heard, but there will be a bathroom pass for SW:GE!

    It's true! I heard about it in another thread!
  10. britain

    Could Fox sci-fi enrich Tomorrowland?

    How could any Fox property be used effectively for a Tomorrowland revision? Looking at this list here, so much of the IPs are violent/dystopian. I don't think a second (third? tenth?) attempt at Alien Encounter would work at Disneyland...
  11. britain

    AstroOrbiter Refurb 2019

    Saw on another site (rhymes with Slappin' Face) that walls have wrapped around the AstroOrbiter. Didn't see any discussion about it yet, so started this here thread.
  12. britain

    YOU fix Tomorrowland/Fantasyland

    Let's say all this space is at your disposal. What do you do? What DO you DO!?
  13. britain

    Arendelle, Motorboats, and Monorails

    In a recent Dis after Dark podcast, good ol' Jim Hill said that IF Frozen 2 does well, not only will the Motorboat Cruise area become Arendale, but the side of the Matterhorn facing it will get Elsa's Ice Castle added to it. The side facing the hub would stay as is. He didn't say if that will...
  14. britain

    Pizza Port -> Pizza Planet

    In a change that would make the average guest say, "Isn't that what it already was?" the site that shall not be made is saying that Red Rockett's Pizza Port will be 'temporarily' rethemed to Pizza Planet.
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