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  1. BriEcho3194

    New Fantasyland Expansion Video

    Hey guys! Theres a new video that shows A LOT!!!! It shows BOG and TLM heres the vid! It's about the new technology they use to build their expansion but I like how we can see a bit more of the Expansion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE8PvsRqjkg&feature=player_embedded :wave: Enjoy
  2. BriEcho3194

    Castle walls are going up!

    So accourding to a recent update on Orlando Park News the castle walls have started going up heres the link to the update http://orlandoparksnews.blogspot.com/2011/07/fantasyland-update-new-castle-walls.html And some pictures Hope you enjoy this!
  3. BriEcho3194

    Little mermaid ride video!!

    WE HAVE A FULL VIDEO OF THE RIDE!!!!! ENJOY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=aIarm5FEQXI
  4. BriEcho3194

    New Teacups roof?

    So i was looking at the concept art for Fantasyland and I saw that the teacups are getting a new roof! and i know not to go by the concept art and I know this has been discussed before but i was just wondering! Please and Thank you!
  5. BriEcho3194

    Belle's Village takes Form!

    Hey Guys on Orlando Theme Park News they have released pictures of Belle's Village taking Form! http://orlandoparksnews.blogspot.com/2011/02/fantasyland-forest-update-belles.html Pictures of overall Fantasyland update. Pics can be found within!
  6. BriEcho3194

    Desgin your own Fantasyland!

    So I thought we could have a little fun and we all could mesh our ideas together and make our own Fantasyland Expansion! So I'm going to start! So here is my idea's :) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST SECTION Attractions 1. Tale of Beauty and the Beast - A New Family Dark Ride Welcome to the Tale of...
  7. BriEcho3194

    Disney's Seven Sea's - NEW PARK!

    So if anyone remember's my NEMO area for Animal Kingdom. I have expanded on that! So who's ready? WELCOME TO DISNEY'S SEVEN SEAS! So to start of! After entering the park you travel into.... SHIPWRECK ISLE So the Story behind this place is simple....Ships go in and never come out. But this way...
  8. BriEcho3194

    Animal Kingdom Expansion: NEMO AREA!

    So There has been talk that the area where Camp Minnie Micky is boreing....So I came up with this concept! WITH ALL THESE BRAND NEW RIDES FOR ANY AGE! http://progresscityusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/beastly_expansionarea.jpg Green is the Area that could be Expanded and the Blue is the...
  9. BriEcho3194

    Questions about Magic Kingdom Stuff

    So as I've seen almost every where is consturction! All around the Magic Kingdom park I know that they are refurbishing it for the 40th anniversry but What's going to happen? Heres a few things I'm confused about THE FANTASYLAND EXPANSION! 1. I know that the only areas that are a go are TLM...
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