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  1. Second Star to the Right

    Trip Report *COMPLETED* 6 Parks, F&W Fest, MNSSHP & One HUGEEE Surprise!!!

    Hi everyone! We got back from our Disney vacation two days ago and I am still exhausted and unfortunately sick, but I wanted to jump right into the report because if I don’t do it now, it will never get done! You can find my pre-trip report here...
  2. Second Star to the Right

    FastPass+ Frustration!

    It's 7:15 the morning I am allowed to make my FP+ reservations and I am having technical difficulties! :banghead: After I click on the guests I want to make reservations for, it says there are no tickets associated with us, yet on the main page I can see my park hopper tickets. So when I enter...
  3. Second Star to the Right

    New Hard Ticket "Event" at MK in the morning

    I was just checking out the hours for my upcoming trip and I noticed on our first day there (September 27th) they have a hard ticket event listed in MK from 7:45 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. I hadn't seen anything about this before so I called up ASAP. The CM I spoke with explained it's a new "event" in...
  4. Second Star to the Right

    Pre-Trip First Trip in 6 Years with a WDW First-Timer!!!

    Hello fellow Disney fans! This is my first pre-trip report ever, and I tend to be a very detailed person, so I am apologizing in advance!! I would consider myself a Disney veteran, having been to The World at least 8 separate times not including the year I had annual passes while living in...
  5. Second Star to the Right

    Go with the flow vs. Type A personality

    Hello everyone! I am taking a first time visitor to WDW this September/October. I am very much a planner and like to have things mapped out (even down to which rides we will go on and when). However, he would be just as content to walk around, look in all the shops, eat and maybe go on a ride...
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