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    News Disney considering a service like Uber at WDW - Confirmed as Minnie Van

    I added a note to the "Minnie Van Service Now Available to All Restort Guests" blog to the effect that this wasn't exactly true. Not every guest has a Lyft connection (including me). The comment was quickly removed. Maybe Disney IS only for the smartphone connected these days.
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    2017 Candlelight Processional narrators and dining package details

    It seems like the list gets filled out later every year.
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    Kilimanjaro Safaris After Dark - night safari

    Bug bites! My wife got a bunch of serious bites on a later Safari ride during extended hours some time ago. Big, red, swollen things.We actually had someone look at them. She might go on this new thing if she bathes in Deep Woods Off just before.
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    Bummer! another cutback

    As is our custom, today we went to have an early lunch (healthy, tasty salmon) at Columbia Harbour House. It has been opening at 10:30 for years, but seems to have changed to 11:30. Hope it is temporary, but don't expect much. We had to eat in the sterile, noisy atmosphere of Cosmic Rays instead...
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    Hmmmm...what do you take back home from Disney?...shhhh

    The folks at our local homeless shelter LOVE the little Disney soaps and shampoos.
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