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    masks with special needs

    To me a 'case' is some kind of actual symptoms rather than a positive test. The only reason my son and family had positive tests was that daughter-in-law had a case of the flu - with symptoms so the others had to be tested. Had she not tested positive the others would not even have gotten a...
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    masks with special needs

    Why are you so rude? Perhaps you don't have a child with specials needs - you certainly seem to lack any compassion.
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    Daily housekeeping?

    Making the beds every day is not necessary. However changing the sheets during a two week stay or when one of your kids has an accident I do expect. If Disney deluxe hotels can't function as such they should not be charging deluxe prices.
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    How long is Teppan Edo dinner?

    I would say you will miss the show. You have to wait until there are enough people for a table, then maybe you won't get served until after the table in the same room is finished. I think even if best case scenario you need to allow at least 1 1/2 hours and probably more.
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    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    We are also booked at Royal Pacific in a Jurrasic Park Suite - 3 kids. It is a great hotel - we have stayed at all three Universal deluxe hotels. With the Universal equivalent of fast pass which is actually fast pass for any ride any time you should be able to ride everything in two days. Disney...
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    Only if it is really a buffet. Most of these 'family style' substitutes are not nearly as good as the buffets where you only get the things you want to eat. So much food wasted with family style.
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    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    Cape May has a surcharge for the Crab Legs but the amount of food brought to the table is huge and you can always get more. Grandkids ate four platters of desserts when we were there last.
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    Can I Sneak a Guest Not on Reservation into my Disney Hotel?

    I think they are saying the 'sneak' part is unethical. Why the need to sneak someone in when you an just tell the front desk you have an extra person for a few days.
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    What time?

    6 am CT but maybe a few minutes after that. Don't forget your first day may already be booked up by people whose first day was several days prior.
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    I was watching guest use the fast pass line at Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway

    It is for people with a disability. You have to have a valid disability as I have seen people in wheelchairs rejected since of course they can be in line in their wheelchair. You have to have a disability like autism or panic attacks or seizures that does not allow you to wait in line. You go to...
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    anyone ever get compped free fast passes?

    A few years ago we were at the Boardwalk and while we were out the sprinkler system turned on and soaked out room. We were moved, comped our Cinderella dinner we had just returned from and got passes to any ride any time. As it was Thanksgiving we really liked that. We were in a villa and the...
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    Disney alienates 90% of their guests......What is going on?

    Low interest rates do not affect inflation. If you have been in a grocery store you can see that.
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    Is sending your packages to the front of the park back yet?

    Certainly stopped me buying what I would normally buy if I had to carry it back to the hotel. Would normally have gone to Disney Springs, shopped and had it all sent back to the hotel. In 90 degree heat hauling a bunch of packages the long way to the bus stops would be horrible.
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    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    Alas those folks turned out to be wrong. With the new 'recommendations' mask wearing will continue for eternity.
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    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    'Safety' measures are useless if they don't work.
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    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    There is no way that anyone can prove a person got sick from Universal or from Disney. Standing in line at the airport among huge crowds bunched together as we were in June is a possibility. In fact anything is a possibility. When you look at the tiny size of the COVID virus and the mesh of a...
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    Oh How the Tables Have Turned

    Actually if you select 5pm you may get a different selection from selecting 5.30 pm - example select 5pm and you get 4pm, 5pm and 5.50pm. Select 5.30 and you get 4pm, 6pm and 6.30pm. There is simply no consistency to it. I cannot imagine the algorithm they are using.
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    Oh How the Tables Have Turned

    I don't know why they don't fix this. If you search on breakfast you may come up with nothing yet if you search on 8am then you get many options. As a developer it is not that hard to create an accurate search engine so I wonder why it seems beyond Disney I.T.
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Do you not understand that the Government is flying and busing illegals all over the country?
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    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Just out of curiosity - if a person has had and recovered from COVID and now has natural immunity do you count them among the unvaccinated or the vaccinated?
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