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  1. Nland316

    Rumor Ticketed Holiday Event

    Saw on the other site that this may be the year we get a ticketed event for the holiday season. I know it’s been rumored in the past, but it would be rather unfortunate if it finally did happen our first holiday season back. Especially given how old the DL Christmas entertainment is.
  2. Nland316

    Concept Art Help

    Not sure if this is the right forum to ask in, so forgive me if it isn’t. I’ve been going crazy looking for a picture of this very specific piece of Disney concept online that I saw a while ago and was wondering if anyone would be able to recognize/link me to it if they know? The rendering...
  3. Nland316

    Rumor Upcoming Price Increases

    Starting to see on social media that there are hordes of crowds at the ticket booths this evening due to concerns over potential price increases overnight. A year from tomorrow is when they took effect last year in preparation for Galaxy’s Edge record breaking crowds, quote on quote. Thoughts...
  4. Nland316

    Fantasmic! 2.0 Rumors, Speculation, Announcments

    Fantasmic! has been dark for almost the past year and a half, but is rumored to return with new scenes and tech enhancements later this summer. I felt that it was about time to start a thread on this beloved return as we approach the supposed reopening of the show. As for what updates may be in...
  5. Nland316

    Castle Diamond Overlay Returning?

    I've noticed today via a few Instagram searches that as Sleeping Beauty Castle's christmas overlay is coming down, the old diamond celebration LED lit roofing is coming back up? Anybody got any insight as to why? I had assumed the original roof tiles were to receive a fresh coat of paint after...
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