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    Can I trust the crowd calendar for Christmas period?

    There are no more better days. I was there the first week of December a few years ago and it was more crowded than when we have been there in May, June, 4th of July and August. I don't know if it will be different this year but I am thinking more restrictions will be lifted. As much as I enjoyed...
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    Disney, DONT bring back 180-day-in-advance restaurant reservations.

    I don't see any issues with 180 days out. Some people like to make their plans ahead of time so they can relax and not worry as the trip gets closer. If you don't like to make plans that far in advance, you have the choice to wait until your trip gets closer. Most of the restaurants allow for...
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    they're cutting all the other perks so will they do this?

    When are they going to make it worth the money for DVC members? About the only thing DVC members get is 10% discount on dining and it is not all restaurants. When the family bought into the program, there were some perks. DVC members pay a monthly maintenance fee and do not get daily...
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    What kind of Disney guest are you?

    We usually go for 10 days and plan our days around our dining reservations as we have some restaurants that we must do each trip. A family member is a DVC owner so most days we cook breakfast in and spend the day at the pool. Some go golfing while others go shopping and we always take one day at...
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    Should certain groups be given priority to attend the parks?

    Vacation Club members should be first. You buy into the program for a lot of money and have to pay a monthly fee for upkeep, etc. There aren't many perks any longer for members so this would be a place to start giving back for all the years of the cost of ownership.
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    Would you visit Walt Disney World with these health-based operational restrictions in place?

    I will definitely wait until things are back to normal. As a healthcare worker I would not feel safe. Wearing a mask right now for 8+ hours per day, plus having to wear going to the grocery store, etc. I cannot even imagine wearing it for 12-16 hours a day in the hot sun. I also don't believe...
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    Ever had an accident at WDW?

    Yes. A few years ago our family was coming out from Fantasmic! It was crowded and I couldn't see where I was going and I fell over the corner of a short brick wall by the food area across from Tower of Terror. I smashed my video camera and had scrapes on my knees and elbows. I was so...
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    Is Disney a Greedy Business?

    Disney is a business and of course wants to make profits. I have no problem with raising ticket prices, but not at the rate they have been, Yes, they have to add new attractions. However they are doing that and not fixing rides that have broken down areas. They are not taking care of the older...
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    Why is WDW so stressful, expensiv and overcrowded these days? The fear of dissapointment from a 2020-First-Timer

    Unfortunately there are no "least crowded" times any longer. The first week of December is a nightmare. I was there the first week of Dec. and they were holding the midget football and cheerleading tournament. We were there mid May this year and it was crowded and supposedly that is a "least...
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    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney's Hollywood Studios opening date

    All I can say is good luck to all those planning on being there. 2 years ago we were there for opening day of Pandora. We did get a fast pass for the rides. The line just to enter into Pandora was to the front of Animal Kingdom with a minimum of over 2 hours just to get into the area. They were...
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    More offsite hotels to offer Extra Magic Hours and extended FastPass+ booking window

    Walt Disney World is not the same. Too many changes. Walt Disney wanted it to be a place where families could afford to go and enjoy being kids together. The parks are getting too overcrowded. When they first started with extra hours it was great. It was only at the Magic Kingdom and it was an...
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    4 Walt Disney World Resorts to accept dogs

    BAD BAD BAD!! If I am spending a lot of money to stay on property, I do not want to hear barking, howling dogs and meowing cats. It's bad enough now with the inconsideration of other guests, especially late night running in the hallways, being loud and parents not watching or reprimanding their...
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    Disney testing allocated seating for Fantasmic! at Disney's Hollywood Studios next week

    I don't think it's a bad idea however are they still going to offer the dinner packages? We were there last month and my 82 year old father had an ECV. The handicap seating where we were seated left much to be desired. They lined all the vehicles up at the top and then had the families sit in...
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