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    Late night hours need Mband?

    On magic hours late evening do they scan your band at each ride or do they just look to see if you have one? what if you just have a resort key? Im just not a bracelet or watch person and prefer using a card. they wil still give you that option right? besides I have collected all my old cards...
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    WDW will have a 4 year gap of nothing!

    Here is my post that would not be allowed to post on the official Disney blog under today's Avatar ground breaking announcement: "So Spring 2014 brings the kids Seven Dwarf coaster & new parade. Then three/four years later in late 2017 Avatar Land opens in AK. So my question and i think the...
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    Tron might finally beat Narnia

    Tron is now sitting at 373 million worldwide, while Narnia 3 is at 375 million. Now Tron cannot touch Narnia 1 with 750 million or Narnia 2 with 465 million. I bring these numbers up to relate the attraction rumors for Tron. If Disney dropped Narnia with such greater numbers in audience and...
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    The List of All The New Stuff!

    Epcot: Mission Space, Soarin, Nemo at Living Seas, Spaceship Earth redone into Time Racers, new parade. Disney Studios: Motor Stunt Show, Indy Ride, New Broadway style production. Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest, Flick's Fun Fair Magic Kingdom: Philarmagic, Mermaid Lagoon I'm I...
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    Mickey's Trick or Treat - Rides

    What rides are usually open durring this event? Anyone who has done it in the past would be helpful? Is it the same rides that are open on E-ride nights? I have a 3 & 4 year old and trying to decide to do this or not? I would prefer Fantsyland to be open and rides they can enjoy instead of...
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    AP Tracking?

    Wondering if someone else uses your annual pass to get in what happens? I know they have that finger print thing, but was wondering if the finger prints don't line up, do they ask for ID? Wondering if the finger prints are on file or that it's only a gimmic, or do they only trace your prints as...
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    Nemo show in 2004

    Jim Hill confirms in his latest news article that a Finding Nemo show will be coming to Epcot's Living Seas & DCA in 2004. He also says that Rock-N-Rollercoaster will be added to DCA in 2006, two years after Tower of Terror has opened. I wish they would add new attractions to Animal...
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