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  1. jmp85

    Question regarding points rental and magic bands

    Hi All -- We've never rented points before but looking at some of the prices available on the popular 'Daves DVC' I'm considering it for our next trip. If you rent points is there anyway to connect a credit card to your magic band so that you aren't constantly searching for a credit card...
  2. jmp85

    Annual Pass Activation - FL Resident

    Hello Everyone -- My wife and I have been annual passholders at WDW almost continuously since 2015. We are Florida residents so we have always had the option to pay for the passes over the course of a year but have never done so until this year. Two questions for those in the know: 1) The...
  3. jmp85

    FP+ -- How far in advance?

    Edit: I found the answer in another thread. My apologies everyone!
  4. jmp85

    Your favorite breakfast spots at WDW?

    My wife and I are going to WDW at the end of March for a week. This is our 4th trip in a little less than two years and while we've found numerous spots for dinner, we've really only tried (and enjoyed) Olivia's for breakfast. Anyone have any suggestions for a decent to nice breakfast for a...
  5. jmp85

    Breaking reservation into two blocks

    During my last stay at Disney (Port Orleans French Quarter), I noticed during booking that I could save a few hundred dollars if I broke the 6 days up into 5 days + 1 day. The entire stay was at the same resort and the same room "level" (garden view). While getting ready to book our next trip...
  6. jmp85

    Caribbean Beach vs Port Orleans

    My wife and I are currently planning our next trip to WDW. We've been three times in the past 18 months, and we've stayed at the following resorts: - Animal Kingdom Lodge - Port Orleans Riverside - Port Orleans French Quarter We don't have kids and we aren't planning on spending much time at...
  7. jmp85

    Disney Books

    In the past year I have read "Disney War" and I am currently half way through "An American Original: Walt Disney" by Bob Thomas. I really enjoyed Disney War and was curious what others thought about the book. I had heard that Bob Thomas' biography of Walt was the best one out there, but I have...
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