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  1. sporadic

    Will You Help Me Hide a Body?

    I sequenced my Halloween lights to this spoof of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" :) Figured some of you may get a kick out of it. Whole show playlist is here if interested - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY6l3Fd1SM8uUD5mdi81m2nEVPBFfUvHP.
  2. sporadic

    UWA at Sea World and Busch Gardens?

    My typical vacation / travel kit is my Fuji X-T1 along with the 18-55, 10-24, 35/1.4, and a flash. This year, we'll be doing one day at both Sea World and Busch Gardens. It's our first trip and I'm debating on swapping out the 10-24 for my 55-200. For those that love their UWA lenses and use...
  3. sporadic

    Quick Queue for Sea World / Busch Gardens / Aquatica?

    Switching it up this year and bouncing around Florida. We'll be starting in Tampa and doing the 3 SW parks on June 5th-7th for the first time. Is quick queue something you'd recommend for that time of year? If so, which parks? I was thinking Aquatica given that water park lines anywhere...
  4. sporadic

    Upgrade to Annual pass?

    I've seen some information on upgrading your multi-day tickets to annual passes, but it all seems rather dated and I don't see anything on Universal's site. Our family of four will be staying at the Royal Pacific with 4 day park hopper passes. Anyone know a ballpark number of what'd it cost to...
  5. sporadic

    Cameras and Universal Studios, worth it?

    Our family decided to switch it up this year and visit Universal Studios. I've been once for an after hours event many years ago (pre-potter), but this will be our first vacation to the park as a family. I've seen some grumblings in threads that lead to me believe toting a camera around...
  6. sporadic

    Where to get a good plate of Nachos?!?

    Where in "The World" can you find a good mouth watering plate of nachos? IMO, they should be offered within 100yds of any pool :) We had a desperate craving last time that was left unfulfilled until we got home. Rain Forest Cafe comes to mind, any others??
  7. sporadic

    Fuji X-T1 Dynamic Range

    Finally did some computer upgrades and started working on my pics from our last trip in 2014. Was tossing this "trash pic", but thought I'd play with it a bit. The range that the X-Trans sensor captures amazes me. Original JPEG: DSCF0494_orig by smerrick, on Flickr RAW processed in LR5 -...
  8. sporadic

    Photography Prohibited!

    Admittedly, I haven't looked very hard... But does someone have a list of places at WDW where photography is prohibited? Not talking about back stage / cast areas, but areas or attractions that the general public would visit. Nothing flash specific, we all know how we feel about that. Just...
  9. sporadic

    Video - "Let It Go" on our Christmas light display

    I'm having some issues getting good video of this. Mainly, color rendition. The purple twinkles barely show up and I have some white wipes running across the house and creeping in while it's blue / purple, but having a hard time capturing it in video. Looks sooooo much better in person. Using...
  10. sporadic

    FP+ Bug with Android App

    Be cautious changing fastpasses with the Android app. During our visit last week, we had a 4PM FP for BTM. This was around noon the same day. I checked my phone and it offered Splash at the same time so I switched it. After confirmation, I went back to "My Plans" and it showed Splash for...
  11. sporadic

    Fuji X-T1

    I'm having some serious GAS for this.... I think it could be the one that makes me test the mirrorless waters. I'd been considering migrating to full-frame with a 6D, but I think the size has me sold as a travel kit. Anyone tried one out yet?
  12. sporadic

    Let's hear about those bags!

    Curious about what bags / packs you all use and what you like / don't like about them in regards to spending a day at the park toting your gear around. What all did you pack in it? I'll kick it off with what I used last year. Tamrac Rally 6 Kit: - Canon 7D & EF-S 17-55, Optech Utility sling...
  13. sporadic

    There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,

    Shining at the end of everyday! There's a great big beautiful tomorrow, And tomorrow's just a dream away! Man has a dream and that's the start ....
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