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  1. Map7711

    When Did WDW Become An Extended Vacation Destination?

    Absolutely. We went when I was a kid. Late 70’s. One park. But we went for almost two weeks. Stayed off property. We didn’t go to the parks every day. We went to Sea World, Cypress Gardens, Busch Gardens, Cape Canaveral, River Country etc. Plus on non park days, we also went to the hotels...
  2. Map7711

    Too much money and not worth it..

    Just a side question. Are you the anti-MiMedex guy?
  3. Map7711

    Just got back from my 11 day stay. We had a blast but feel extorted by Mickey Mouse.

    Also what are we comparing a Disney trip to? Are we comparing it to say a Hawaii vacation or a cruise to Europe? Or are we comparing it to a week down the Jersey Shore?
  4. Map7711

    Just got back from my 11 day stay. We had a blast but feel extorted by Mickey Mouse.

    You can still go to Disney within reason. Say you live in the NY metro area. Just looked up flights in September. JetBlue has round trip for $150 each! Family of four that’s $600. Then I checked Disney good neighbor hotels with free shuttle back and forth to theme parks. They can be had for...
  5. Map7711

    Holiday Crowds 2018

    Just got back from the trip 12-12 thrum 12-18. Crowds were heavy! At one point the people mover had had a 30 minute wait. NOw you know it’s busy.
  6. Map7711

    PHOTOS - Disney reveals new lobby design and Trader Sam's lounge for the Polynesian

    Amazing how Disney finds the $ to do things like this. But can never find the $ to maintain attractions properly.
  7. Map7711

    New Country At Epcot??

    Not a chance would Disney put a statue of a religious icon anywhere within the parks.
  8. Map7711

    Downtown Disney rumor

    http://www.userglue.com/2012/11/16/keys-to-the-kingdom-tour/ Someone had the new name in Nov 2012 when they went on the keys to the kingdom tour. Interesting ain't it It's on his list just scroll down until you see it.
  9. Map7711

    Can't believe you guys aren't doing the podcast anymore!!!!!!!!!!! That freaking sucks!!!!!!!!

    Can't believe you guys aren't doing the podcast anymore!!!!!!!!!!! That freaking sucks!!!!!!!!
  10. Map7711

    Disney Buying LucasFilm! WHOA

    Can someone post our insiders comments abiut these ongoing talks w Lucas??
  11. Map7711

    Rumor from a Monorail worker.

    Hahahaha their not thier........oh forget it!!!!
  12. Map7711

    Rumor from a Monorail worker.

    Oops there not thier.....sorry.
  13. Map7711

    Rumor from a Monorail worker.

    Attendance would surely increase at AKL and DHS if you can just hop on a monorail to get to them instead of getting on a bus. People just assume its easier via a monorail. Plus its FUN! No fun in riding on a bus. With all the money being spent at AKL and DHS over the next few years you can...
  14. Map7711


    What i don't get is are Universal fans out west mad that they are cloning Potter? Nope. Are Universal fans mad that they are cloning Transformers for Florida? Nope. The whole Magic Kingdom was cloned from DL when it first opened. I just think it's a smart move to bring Cars here. It's a...
  15. Map7711

    Disney ( World ) vs. Disney ( Land )? - Jim Hills Thoughts

    Isn't that kind of an apples & oranges comparison? By that I mean: The Walt Disney Company HAD TO aggressively reinvest in Disney California Adventure. The Southern California locals had sampled Disneyland's second gate over the first six years that DCA was open and found the place wanting. In...
  16. Map7711

    Disney ( World ) vs. Disney ( Land )? - Jim Hills Thoughts

    Other posters have said this-WDW is the cash cow that enables DL to make those investments. WDW brings in sooooo much more revenue than DL it pales in comparison. WDW should have 3-4 times more invested in the parks then DL. To compare dollars to dollars is just stupid. DL is a smaller park...
  17. Map7711

    New Country at Epcot?!?!?

    Here is some background on countries being built at World Showcase. Countries really don't pony up any cash. It is really companies that do. And that is only a small portion of the total cash. http://www.yesterland.com/worldshowcase.html
  18. Map7711

    NYT: "Universal....Takes Aim at Disney"

    Just got back from california Rode transformers. Freaking amazing. Mummy at florida was much better. Was at disneyland on Sat. They were doing rides at carsland for cast and crew. Looks awesome as much as i could see. World of color was great too. Both parks has a lot of cool things happening...
  19. Map7711

    Rich Ross Resigns

    Avengers has the title this year so far http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/06/showbiz/avengers-breaks-record/index.html
  20. Map7711

    Rich Ross Resigns

    Marvel is a studio-It made and produced Avengers distributed by Disney Pictures FYI http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/The_Avengers
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